Alan Whicker Dies

TV Reporter Alan Whicker has died aged. He was eighty seven.
Best remembered for the ” Whickers World” series which concentrated too much on the lifestyles of the rich and famous…much parodied in style. Indeed Monty Python did the spoof “Whickers Island” sketch.
Whicker did have two previous incarnations. In an autobigraphical documentary, he spoke movingly about being a War Correspondent in Italy during World War Two.
For me, I choose to remember the BBC Tonight programme of the early 1960s…compulsory viewing in our house. Presented by Cliff Mitchelmore (still very much alive) and with interviews by Derek Hart and Kenneth Allsop, the filmed reports, often quirky were most often presented by Whicker and Fyfe Robertson. Musical numbers at the end of the show from Cy Grant and Scottish duo Robin Hall and Jimmie McGregor.

Real TV. Real Journalists.
It was unique.

Alan Whicker was unique. Rest in Peace.

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