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So Nelson McCausland, Peter Robinson, DUP, Stephen Brimstone (honestly thats his name), NIHE, Red Sky, Councillor Jenny Palmer in Lisburn….I have been thinking and ya know what?
I dont give a tinkers curse about any of it.
I am supposed to be outaged…and to be honest Im not at all outraged.
Theres a dreary predictability to it all.
And it will all quietly be swept aside.

Unionists dont like the Norn Iron Housing Executive. An unwieldy and flawed beaurocracy certainly but the real reason that it is a target for Minister McCausland is that it was set up in early 1970s as a non-sectarian alternative to unionists allocating public sector housing to their undeserving supporters.
Anyone really surprised?
The NIHE used to have staff that carried out housing repairs . This is privatised. the work is not done, it is badly done, it is over-priced. Audit reports confirm it. Anyone really surprised?
One firm singled out and the evidence seems conclusive. Taking her role as a politically appointed NIHE Board Member seriously, DUP appointee Jenny Palmer says that they deserved to lose contracts.
Anyone surprised?
Cllr Palmer says the Special Advisor (to McCausland) Stephen Brimstone contacted her to say that “the Party comes first”. There is uncertainty about this version but Minister McCausland doesnt seem to want to know the definitive version. Surprised?
East Belfast Politicians seemingly DUP are concerned that the decision had sectarian motives. Surprised?
There is no basis for that suggestion…says Jenny Palmer….and shes DUP also.
In an interview with Mark Carruthers (BBC) McCausland was all wounded dignity and bluster. Does that surprise anyone?
Peter Robinson mutters darkly about the BBC and talks about legal action. Surprised?
The other political parties are outraged at the suggestion of political interference. They want the Minister censured. Suprised? Or sacked? Not in any particular order. Surprised?
The Assembly will consider it all. Surprised?
The DUP will do the whole Petition of Concern thing. Surprised?
Nothing will happen.
Sinn Fein will remain officially outraged but the desiny of DUP and Sinn Fein are linked. It is…as Mark Durkan puts it…a one party state with an Orange wing and a Green wing.


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13 Responses to SpAd, Spam, SpAd, Spam, SpAd, Spam, SpAd, Spam…..NIHE

  1. As ever Mark has a way of describing precisely and accurately the state of things that are… when did he say that FJH?

  2. factual says:

    “I dont give a tinkers curse about any of it.” Shame. This is alleged corruption.

    • If you think that me not writing a blog is a SHAME…can I point out that you havent written a blog either. So that must also be a SHAME.
      As far as I know you have never written a Blog anywhere.
      how do you live with all that SHAME.

      • factual says:

        Just to be clear: I don’t think not writing blogs is a shame, what I think is a shame is not caring about corruption at the top of ones own polity. That kind of apathy seems a shame, and can lead to bad government and low standards.

      • I think we already have bad government and low standards so Im not worried that any recent event will lead to it.
        As a regular reader, you might well have worked out that I care passionately about a lot of things including corruption.
        You might have noticed I called the whole thing a sham …and I want the entire Stormont sham to end.

      • factual says:

        Thanks for your follow-on comments; it helps to clarify your position. I am glad to hear that you do care after all.

  3. bangordub says:

    “It is…as Mark Durkan puts it…a one party state with an Orange wing and a Green wing.”
    I am increasingly coming to the opinion that it is actually a glorified county council.

  4. factual says:

    Slugger O’Toole has some excellent analysis of this issue, see (inter alia) the thread by Alan in Belfast.

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