Organ Donation?

I carry a donor card. Or to be more precise I have carried several and lost several. But well…its the thought that counts.
My views have changed over the years.
Like everyone I have had reason to be grateful to doctors, nurses…both for myself and for my family. And like everyone I have had reason to think that the care afforded to me and my family has not been good enough.
I have always had a healthy or perhaps I mean unhealthy skepticism of the medical “profession”. Liking or being grateful to individual doctors does not extend to me having any affection at all for their profession.
Doubly so when RESEARCH is involved.
I dont mind people having a vocation.
I dont mind people having a profession.
Confusing the two…thats something that I DO mind.
Thirty odd years ago I would not have carried a donor card. My aversion to the medical profession…wrongly…trumped all other consideations such as LIFE itself.
The medical profession has changed. It is more mercenary.
But I have changed over thirty years.
A wife and two children will do that to you.
And so will daughters-in-law. And grandchildren.
And real friends.
So that the faces that we see in news programmes underscoring the plight of people…children especially…who need urgent transplants…become the faces of people for whom I care deeply.
So I carry a donor card…in the sense that it and its predecessors are at the bottom of a drawer somewhere in this house.
So I mean well.

Yet I worry that the decision of the Welsh Assembly to pass a law where “consent” is implied, unless there is evidence to the contrary seems a step too far and mit even be counter productive.
For me the wishes of the bereaved…the living …takes precedence over the wishes of their deceased relative. And frankly takes precedence over the wishes of the family that NEEDS the heart, liver, kidney etc.
The scenario where a doctor is in confrontation with a relative over the implied consent of a recently deceased relative does not appeal to me.
And the seeming assurances of the medical profession to not assure me at all.

It is of course a Welsh decision.
It will not apply in Norn Iron. And unlikely ever to apply.
I admire those (Joe Brolly springs to mind) who very much alive donated a kidney to a friend.
In extreme cases I would probably do the same. So would you.

But the point is that ORGAN DONATION is a good thing. A very good thing.
Humanity at its highest.
But GRABBING an organ is entirely different.

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9 Responses to Organ Donation?

  1. factual says:

    Are *all* organs removed if you die in Wales?

    • I dont suppose organs will be removed as a matter of routine.
      I have no idea if it applies to Welsh RESIDENTS only.
      I pass thru North Wales once a year en route from Holyhead to Old Trafford. I will ask the coach driver to go more carefully. I dont want my heart, kidney and liver plundered by over-eager Welsh paramedics.

  2. factual says:


    Morally what do you think of people who would sell/buy their organs and those who would trade them? Do you think that a market would be inappropriate on moral grounds? If so, why? The less well off may wish to sell-is it moral to stop them?

    I was asked this by a tutor once and so I would like to know the answer.

    • Yes of course…its a no brainer.
      If you are a socialist as you and your party profess to be, you deem some things…health, education, housing included to be priceless.
      A price cannot be put on such things.
      Likewise the sale of organs is unacceptable in a civilised society.
      It will always be the case that The Rich will exploit the Poor.
      It doesnt make it right.
      There are hospitals in the Gulf States where rich people not all local ….are given kidneys etc bought from poor people from Pakistan, India etc.
      And there is anecdotal evidence to suggest it happens in London.

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