Drugs…Nobody Knows Nothin’

Titanic Centre, Justin Bieber at MTV Awards, Derry “City of Culture”, Rory McIlroy, G8 Summit…amid all the relentless good news stories being churned out by the compliant journalists in Norn Iron, there are occasional reminders that it is all a sham…a big lie.
As I have said before, the Marching Season is REALITY. Justin Bieber is a distraction.

Take Drugs. Ecstasy and Pot. Every so often the PSNI find large amounts of illegal drugs out there. And the scale of the siezures indicate that there are plenty of criminal elements out there …many (mostly loyalist) paramilitary groups who control the drug trade and the misery it causes.
Just vtwo months ago, I was in Derry when Michael Copeland MLA (UUP) spoke movingly to the SDLP Youth Conference about the levels of drug abuse, alination and misery in East Belfast.

While post-mortems continue on EIGHT young people who have died this week, it appears that some if not all might have died as a result of taking a bad batch of contaminated drugs.
It is an open secret that the UVF controls the drugs trade in East Belfast.
Seemingly the only person who doesnt know this is John Kyle, the PUP councillor for the area. John Kyles party is “linked” to the UVF.
John Kyle wears another hat. He is a doctor…a MEDICAL DOCTOR…in East Belfast.
Fair play then to Pastor Paul Burns, who ministers in loyalist Sandy Row and a friend of one of the young people who died last week.
Pastor Burns bluntly states that the drug dealers have no loyalty to their country or community…they are”only loyal to their wallet”.

How exactly has a bunch of street thugs in East Belfast been allowed to become crime lords. Well…its a pay-off. They are completely unelectable and in return for not actually killing anybody and spoiling the whole Titanic-Justin Bieber narrative, they have effectively a free hand to peddle E-tabs to kids.

Everyones a winner. Except of course the kids and their parents and their friends.
Meanwhile Edwin Poots the DUP Minister for Health wonders if the police are turning a blind eye to all this. That they let small time dealers operate so that they can get information on bigger crimes. Thats right …Poots is Minister for HEALTH, administering a Department whose budget includes the cost of treating addiction and the violence it produces.

The PSNI denies this. But that seems to contradict every police procedural TV Show that I have ever watched.

The Truth is that Society itself…politicians, police and journalists have turned a blind eye for years. Nothing must ever be said or written which exposes just how much of a sham that Norn Iron is.

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4 Responses to Drugs…Nobody Knows Nothin’

  1. hoboroad says:

    John Kyle is a joke of a politician and it’s a pretty sick joke at that. It’s not often I agree with a DUP politico but Poots is right on this one the PSNI look the other way when it comes to drug dealing in order to get the drug dealers to act as their eyes and ears in areas like East Belfast. One of the recently departed is the son of the UVFs second in command in East Belfast. Concidence I don’t think so.

  2. factual says:

    Why do you always have to make negative comments about Justin Bieber?

  3. wolfe tone says:

    I wonder will the ‘liberals’ in our society be holding any rallies demanding the dealers’ get off the peoples’ back? ‘Not in our name’ etc etc.

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