Welcome Sluggerites And Sluggerettes!

I would like to thank Mick Fealty for referring you to this Blog.
Mick claims I make no sense on this Blog.
He might well be right….especially when I mention Slugger O’Toole and its wide circle of friends.

So you might want to check the references to Slugger in the archive.
You might also want to reflect on why the death of James Kelly, the journalist who died aged T 100 years old after 82 years working in Norn Iron was not marked with an obit on Slugger.
Not Sluggers kind of journalist?

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23 Responses to Welcome Sluggerites And Sluggerettes!

  1. factual says:

    Mick are you still doing digital lunches on Fridays?

  2. Ach, ar ndóigh… (as I am sure you used to sagely nod to each other in the 60s… ;-))

    • He is in MY house.
      I must have touched a nerve or two with letsgetalongerists in the past few days.
      I was looking forward to a quiet Sunday but Mick has really done wonders for the Blog stats tonight.

  3. Mick says:

    For several months I had the great good fortune to be stationed by the obit team at the Daily Telegraph (now there’s journalism for you)… A jollier bunch of ‘chaps’ you’ll never meet…

    They were by far much louder and happier than any other desk in the building (as you might expect there was no shortage of dour old coves, (massive staff redundancies, and Labour government no doubt to blame)… I recall one particularly loud conversation that went something like:

    “We’ll of course Lady “So and So” we’ll do our best to get your husband into the paper, but you never know, some footballer or celebrity might just peg it and push him out altogether, and there’s nothing we can do about that…”

    James Kelly was an icon of his generation (and well read in our house, as it happens). His report from the main stand at Windsor Park on the last ever Linfield Belfast Celtic match (28th December 1948) was both influential and an impressive and empathetic piece of journalism, ‘the end of football’….

    But you know what Lord FitzJamesHorse? I was on my holidays when he died, and there’s nothing that can be done about that… If old Jimmy was here now, Im pretty sure he’d tell you to get over yourself and concentrate on telling the story…

    • Youve over-promoted me.
      I am merely a MBE…investiture pending.
      But have you not said previously that…and I paraphrase…you were unsure about the news value of James Kellys death?
      Are there no other People on Sluggers team who specialise in writing about journalists deaths?

      This one will run and run.
      Not Sluggers type of journalist?

      And Mairead Corrigan …Nobel Laureate outside the City Hall while her fellow Peace Laureate Barak Obama praised Paisley and Adams.
      No Story there? No Legitimate questions?

    • “I was on my holidays when he died and theres nothing that can be done about that” (Mick Fealty,23rd June 2013)
      “James Kelly was an icon of his generation” (Mick Fealty, 23rd June 2013)

      “It was a news story, yes. Would Ihave blogged it if I had not been on vacation? Maybe. Maybe not”
      (Mick Fealty 11th September 2012)

  4. Mick says:

    A Sheamais,

    Ta me ‘gabhail… 😉

  5. Mick says:

    Get me the quote, and Ill comment/explain…

  6. Andrew says:

    Youve had a good week. Youve silenced two Letsgetalongers Fealty and Corrigan. Did not know Corrigan read your Blog.

    • I dont look on it like that.
      There is a legitimate case for saying that Amnesty can do more by being on the inside, rather like Patrick Corrigan. Personally that would not be my way.
      I personally would not be making that kinda speech and have a ticket in for the VIP seats in my pocket.
      Im just the kinda person that cant pretend to get on with people I dont like.

      Does Patrick Corrigan read my blog?
      Probably not.
      not absolutely certain that he qualifies as a letsgetalongerist. Dont actually recall him saying anything political in local terms. Except possibly being involved in the whole risible Bill of Rights crap at a fringe meeting at a SDLP Conference in 2010.
      No…highly unlikely that Patrick Corrigan actually reads this rubbish. More likely he got tipped off about it by someone else.

  7. Lurkio says:

    Longtime lurker. You are doing brilliantly these days but Slugger will ban you.

  8. Just read the great insight by Mick of the OO’s breach of the PC determination. Seems he thinks it was a great move by the boys time forgot.

    Mac Tire called it precisely right.

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