Slugger O’Toole And Non-Persons

Does Slugger O’Toole, the LetsGetAlongerist message board have a list of people who are are “undesirables”? Probably not …or I would probably be on it.
Yet Slugger seems to ignore some people.
What harm could James Kelly the veteran journalist who died aged ONE HUNDRED having been a journalist for EIGHTY TWO YEARS have done that he did not merit an obituary when he died two years ago?
One reason proffered was that it was maybe not newsworthy. Most reasonable people would disagree.
Take Mairead Corrigan. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 1976, at a time when Peace was not exactly popular.
On a Slugger thread, I draw attention to Mairead Corrigans strange omission from the VIP seats at the Waterfront Hall and her seemingly not being paid tribute in President Obamas speech…on the subject of Peace.
It is an insult to many thousands of people.
I ask why not.
Mick Fealty bizarrely calls my questions SPECULATIVE. Although he cant quite bring himself to use Mairead Corrigans name. I call the questions LEGITIMATE.
It is the kind of question that Journalists SHOULD be asking and SHOULD be highlighting the answers.
Pity there are no journalists associated with Slugger O’Toole. Or are there?

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9 Responses to Slugger O’Toole And Non-Persons

  1. “You don’t what that as a question. You want to ask what is the capital of Peru? That’s a proper question.”

  2. factual says:

    The estimable Eamonn Mallie is associated.

  3. factual says:

    Also, former BBC veteran Brian Walker is a contributor; he was selected by the BBC – a highly regarded news agency – as a journalist to cover important events such as the visit of the Pope to the 26 counties indicating that he was well regarded by the BBC.

  4. wolfe tone says:

    The BBC a ‘highly regarded news agency’? I think i am going to throw up………

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