Fitzjames Horse MBE

I am honoured and a little surprised to have been awarded the MBE for services to Blogging. As a nationalist, republican and socialist, I thought long and hard about accepting it. Turning it down would be a selfish act because I am merely the figurehead for “Keeping An Eye On The Czar Of Russia” and although the MBE is awarded to me, I will be accepting it in the names of all those commenters (sic) who have played a role in making this Blog a success. So I hope you all feel a part of it.

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19 Responses to Fitzjames Horse MBE

  1. factual says:

    You make an interesting point – are too few bloggers recognised?

  2. Political Tourist says:

    Well done on your MBE.
    You won’t be the first republican socialist or for that matter six county catholic who put their hand out for a shiny bauble from old Lizzie.

    Still trying to figure out why the Labour Party member, born again Christian and actor from Blackadder (Baldric) got a knighthood.
    Time Team isn’t that good.

    • Sooner or later some socialists take the bauble.
      In twenty five years there will be Sir Frankie Boyle and Sir Jimmy Carr.
      Lord Peter Tatchell perhaps.
      I didnt know Tony Robinson was a born again Christian but I recall seeing him grinning while he was standing in a line to meet some royalty and thought ” thats a man who is looking for a MBE”
      Knighthood? That surprises me…but the Honours system needs people from the “left” to be a distraction from the awards to business which still dominate. Same story in Norn Iron. The SDLP is to be congratulated for turning down peerages that have been offered. The side effect is that it limits the opportunities of SOME unionist politicians who are still waiting.
      Take a look at Norn Iron peers. If Hume, Mallon, Hendron, McGrady and Rodgers had actually accepted peerages there would probably be more peers on the unionist benches.

  3. I agree – bloggers should be recognised – it makes it easier

  4. Political Tourist says:

    To be fair to Baldrick that was probably more of a dig at him.
    Having to spend two hours stuck at a departure gate at Heathrow while some young lady paw’d over Sir Baldrick about ten feet away.
    And she sure didn’t look like his young wife when i and no doubt other passengers googled him.
    Lucky Bandit.

  5. hoboroad says:

    I think Tony got his knighthood for services to the British Labour Party. I think Rowan Atkinson may have only got a CBE because of his brothers political activities. Rodney his brother is well known as a Eurosceptic having been a leading light in both UKIP and the Referendum Party and he even accused Douglas Hurd and Francis Maude of treason for signing the Maastricht Treaty into law.

    • I never liked Rowan Atkinson…too creepy.
      And a bit ruthless (Pamela Stephenson…first witness)
      I just like to think that he was all puffed up when he opened a letter from the Cabinet Office saying “will you accept CBE?”
      And a bit deflated when he found Tony Robinson was a knight.
      The headlines…Blackadder and Bladrick wrote themselves.
      And rather than being heralded today, he looks a bit ridiculous.
      Has all the makings of a set up.

  6. play it again says:

    You are recognised as a nationalist, republican and socialist blogger so your award of the MBE has been a recognition and acceptance by the establishment of the views you espouse. .

    Do not despair many things have to be done in the course of progress.

  7. boondock says:

    Im surprised you didnt get a knighthood. Sir fjh has a nice ring to it

  8. wolfe tone says:

    Any Irish Republican worth their salt would politely tell lizzie where to store any award she may be handing out. Any republican would be insulted that at the very thought that somebody thinks theyd even contemplate accepting such a thing.

  9. dedeideoprofundis says:

    Are you really Paul Clark??? Who’d a thunkit!

  10. factual says:

    I met Lord Alderdice at a party in London and I asked him how he felt when being elevated to being a Lord. He described it as a humbling experience, and that he accepted it on behalf of all the constituents that he had worked for down the years.

    • All of which is of course nonsense.
      ” I accept this on behalf of my constituents….”
      ” humbled”
      Next time you meet him, ask him what hebthinks of Jack Russells.

  11. kensei says:

    Is this serious? I don’t like the feeling you get when you lose all respect for someone, I really don’t

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