No Room For Irish Flags …In…erm Irish Fermanagh

I read on Slugger O’Toole that there is no room for British flegs (sic) in British Fermanagh. Let me assure my British readers that this is not the case.

On Friday I travelled thru County Fermanagh on my way to Bundoran in County Donegal. In Ederney (a nationalist town) I cant say that I noticed any at all. In Kesh (a unionist town) there were a couple of British flags. And in Belleek (nationalist) there were a couple of Irish flags.

I hope people find this re-assuring.

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22 Responses to No Room For Irish Flags …In…erm Irish Fermanagh

  1. Does anything sum up Fealty better than his 11.36 comment ?

    Apparently, there’s a row over this which is odd as I’ve only heard Tom Elliot on about it. I don’t think Slugger and it’s backers can even be arsed disguising their raison detre anymore..

  2. deiseach says:

    Mick’s comment made my jaw drop. The way for Irish nationalism to achieve unity is to abandon any expression of Irish nationalism. Mad. I’ve often wondered about your hostility towards Slugger (it’s been several years since I loitered there) but that comment is the encapsulation of the letsgetalongerism for which you have such contempt.

    • Thank you for this.
      I have not always been “hostile” to Slugger. I still contribute there…but only when I feel that it is absolutely necessary.
      I am unfailingingly polite there and only once received a yellow card (rather unjustly I might add).
      In part, I dont feel a “need” to contribute as often. Over the past few months, this Blog has simply gone thru the roof in terms of numbers and I am reaching the people that I want to reach.
      I know that “Bangor Dubs” Blog is also thru the roof.
      The point I make about LetsGetAlongerism is that there is an unelected but powerful group of movers and shakers in academic life, media, lobbying who have been trying to influence and undermine the Good Friday Agreement.
      A key part of this is to undermine nationalism…and the prime target is actually the perceived weaker SDLP.
      To bolster Alliance, the favoured Party of this Overclass….it has been a tactic to target SDLP and indeed UUP failures.
      Clearly UUP is weaker than SDLP who seem to have at least stopped the downward drift.
      It would be much better for Alliance and their influential superiors if the downward spiral of UUP and SDLP was in tandem but the defection of Parsley (again) , Bradshaw, Hamilton (to Alliance) Ringland (to Tories) McCallister and McCrea (to NI21) has thrown an unblalanced spanner into the works.
      Is there a “Project”? Or is that just crazy conspiracy theory on my part?
      Well Platform for Change and that daft cross-border institution seem well organised…and there is scarcely a thing that happens in Norn Iron that a certain lobbying group does not know about.
      Is Slugger O’Toole part of that Project? Wittingly? Unwittingly?
      I am but a humble retired old geezer with little or no influence.
      All I can do is point some things out and ask questions which Mick wont answer or merely says that I have asked the wrong question.
      Getting info from or about Slugger is as difficult as getting info (thru a Freedom of Information request). While advocating transparency, Slugger is less than transparent about…Slugger.
      Occasionally Slugger over-reaches itself. The Fermanagh thread is risible nonsense. But not quite as bad as last Julys statement that the 12th July is “a day for us all”.
      At its best Slugger O’Toole is the blog of record of Norn Iron politics…but does it have an agenda? Which is worse…having an agenda or denying one exists?
      The questions I ask about an unelected overclass are perhaps the questions that Slugger (much better resourced with better contacts and a “team”) should be asking. The Overclass is the elephant in the room that Slugger has never noticed.
      This Blog…The Czar…DOES have an agenda. It is pan-nationalist blog with leanings towards SDLP. I make no secret of it. And I dont regard decent unionism as an enemy. Because it is open and honest.
      My contempt (as you put it) for Alliance Party and LetsGetAlongerism is based on the fact that they are dishonest and less than transparent. And ultimately much more dangerous to nationalism.

    • kalista63 says:

      The assertion to see the nationalist identity equally represented is flagged (go on, ya pun ye) by unionists as an attack on them. The issue is that the defacto identity is still that of a pro unionist or Protestant ascendancy. There is no finer example than the BBC and UTV with the OWC poster boys and girls such as Wendy Austin and Paul Clark.

      One did not have to be a raving chuck to be viewed with scorn, one could be a nationalist lite or even a critical unionist. This is a position that Fealty come from, the adoration of all things OWC and wetting ourselves at whatever foreign comes our way.

      The truth, the real truth, that the GFA was made between 2 men in Clonard is something beyond the pale. The actual truth that unionists rejected the GFA is also another truth that unionists and Letsgetalongerits (actually, they’re the same thing) really prefer to forget.

      After the last NILT survey, Slugger was festooned with feasting blogs. This time? Well, that’s Slugger for ya.

  3. Political Tourist says:

    Always thought Slugger was a very slow site to navigate.
    Seems to take ages to load from page to page.
    Thought it was my computer at first but then i tried several up to date top of the range pc’s.
    Same thing.
    Any ideas Mick.

    • Mick has been ignoring us lately.

    • For Kalista (hoping this one gets through):

      Yep, it’s 11 years of archives and a shortage of cash to pay for the kind of machine that can serve those kinds of pages quickly and efficiently. I’m hoping to get a long term and affordable solution in the near term. News on that as I have it.

      [Not spending any time here these days: one, because FJH employs arbitrary criteria for what he publishes and what he holds back; and two, I don’t mind slugging it out with the old goat, but I was not pleased to learn that I was also upsetting Mrs FJH.

      I don’t in the least mind that FJH decides what to publish and what not. That’s the deal everywhere on anyone’s blog. But I’m not about to waste valuable time writing good material that just disappears into the ether.]

      • Mick…dont go into a huff.
        At most there is no more than three or four things “wot you wrote” that has not got past my high standards. Id reckon thats about the same as my stuff deleted on yours. In fact I think youre still ahead in the censorship stakes.
        cant remember why you annoyed Mrs FJH…but I wont mention the “old goat” thing to her.

        If youre suggesting that I dont publish stuff from KNOWN Alliance Party members, youre absolutely right. Its a pan nationalist blog and as the Alliance Party is over-represented in Government, BBC Spotlight panels and Stephen Bloody Nolan Show…then I am only restoring the balance.

  4. Political Tourist says:

    Ignoring as failing to post.
    Bet he looks in here every day.

    • Oh I am sure he is not far away.
      The earliest boosts that this Blog received was thru Mick linking some stuff on Slugger. Id say that this has happened on four or five occasions and on each occasion, this Blog went to new levels. And of course there were other boosts thru other sites and my trip to USA was a big boost also.
      but its months since Mick linked to anything I have posted here.
      This might mean that
      1….I write some awful stuff that is well below Slugger standard.
      2….Linking to a “good” piece on this Blog might encourage people to look at other stuff that I write…

      I wonder of Mick has a blacklist.
      If he was here…Id ask him.

  5. kalista63 says:

    I’m sure FHJ recalls when Mick entered the world, outside of his control, on It was a lot of fun for us all, especially in the light that he told us he was a republican. Outside of the post, there is no other supporting evidence of the claim.

    I’m sure he’ll play his Irish speaking card but there again, we have a devout unionist party tweeting in our native tongue (and strangely, Spanish too). A simple glance down the titles and O.P.s on Slugger are testimony to what FJH said. Most of us will recall nationalist and republicans who used to blog there but now it seems to be down to Chris Donnelly’s increasing rare contributions.

    When it comes to Sinn Fein, multiple undifferentiated blogs litter the home page with, when the chance comes up, a little of the dirty slyly kicked over the SDLP, sometmes te GAA or nationalism (a lot of dirty not even slyly kicked in the blog we’re talking about).

    When the St. Patrick’s incident happened last year, Slugger jumped on the unionist whataboutery regarding a monument and a republican parade. There was a Protestant church nearby but the unionist ploy fell when it was looked in to due to the actuality of the distance of the monument from the church. With all concerned that the unionist counter-punch missed its target by a mile, Mick still ploughed the story with the barren seeds, even in the face of people who lived n the town and knew the geography well.

    Whilst people get yellow, red and (such as myself) black cards, the site has given carte blanche to some loyalist trolls to exercise their paranoia based propaganda and to allow vile comments and disproved loyalist myths about victims of loyalists and security forces.

    • I always thought that Slugger actually encouraged abuse from both republican and unionist commenters. It allowed Slugger to demonstrate to an (international) or Guardian reading English elite that Slugger O’Toole is “reasonable” and that its critics are not reasonable.
      The people that Slugger likes least is the reasonable critic…nationalist (mostly) and unionist.
      I have always felt that the reasonable and articulate people were judged much more harshly than the rabble. Because SLugger needs the rabble to appear superior.
      A lot of reasonable people have stopped posting on Slugger and as a consequence it is much weaker.
      Dimblebys increasingly bizarre attempts to get the word “Londonderry” would merely look eccentric if he actually ever said anything of substance.

      • kalista63 says:

        But isn’t that a metaphor for the greater game here? The sway lent to not reresentative but amusing extremists such as Winkie Wright, Jim “I Cried All Night” Wilson, the diminishing Holy Orders of the Protestant Israel etc. Interestingly, I struggled to think of a nationalist or republic counterpoint to those loyalists and certainly cannot think of one that is given such disproportionate attention.

        That said, what would the statelet be without the extremes playing their often violent pantomime on the streets? Well, a recurring pimple on the arse of the British, certainly the poor English, obliged to fork out £10 billion of much needed money to us for reasons that only a small proportion of them understands.

        So whilst OWC Plc preteds there’s a country, Slugger pretends that there’s politics.

  6. factual says:


    I see that Andrew Muir the former SDLP activist now elected Alliance councillor was voted in yesterday as the first openly-gay mayor of North Down. Has SDLP made an error in letting Muir go? He could have extended SDLP reach – and nationalisms reach generally – in the North Down constituency?

    • Bangor Dub is of course this Blogs North Down correspondent. And he will know more about Muir and the specifics of why he left the SDLP.I only ever met him once and it was NOT in any “political” capacity.
      I dont particuarly like the guy.
      His sexuality is or should be completely irrelevant.

      • factual says:

        Don’t you think he deserves credit for coming out in a society (NI) which is conventionally homophobic? The SDLP could have extended reach into the gay community.

      • Do you know anything about SDLP policy on equal marriage?
        Do you have any friends in SDLP who are openly gay?

        I do …

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