Life And Times

Great excitement over on Slugger O’Toole with the publication of the annual Life and Times Survey. This is like Christmas Day for LetsgetAlongerists as it shows them that despite voting Sinn Fein and SDLP, nationalists are not really nationalists at all.

All complete bollix.

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6 Responses to Life And Times

  1. bangordub says:

    Actually, the word over on Slugger would better be described as consternation. Great fun

  2. bangordub says:

    Those designating themselves as “Irish” appears to have taken a massive jump in a year?

    • And I think that illustrates the natural links to the state of the economy in de souf. Not only did the last survey collapse through the electoral prism but also when viewed against the massive (especially among de yuff) explosion of interest in Irish language, sport and music in de norf.

  3. Sinn Fein has had a massive drop in support – surely the sluggerees should be in heaven?

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