Conflict Resolution Explained By A Nazi

If you thought that “Springtime for Hitler” was too far-fetched…think again. Heath Campbell is 40 years old and a Nazi. He lives in New Jersey and so admires the Third Reich that he has given his children Nazi forenames…such as his little son, Adolf Hitler Campbell. A lot of people in New Jersey dont like this. Indeed getting a birthday cake with “Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler” was impossible.

Mr Campbell recently turned up in Court …he has access difficulties with another child, Heinrich….wearing full Nazi uniform. Asked whether he thought this was a good idea, he has a touching faith in the judges ability to not look on the outside…but to look to the good on the inside.

I am not so sure. A uniform seems to be a fairly public statement of the person that you are…or want to be. Is turning up to an important Court Hearing wearing  Star Trek uniform a good idea? Probably not. And A Nazi uniform certainly appears worse.

Of course this is 2013 and in United States and Heath Campbell has the right to dress in Nazi uniform. He even has the right to offend people. And certainly has the right to be a Scumbag.

But if it was 1943 it would not be quite the same. The Conflict between USA and Nazi Germany ended in 1945…with the total destruction of Nazi Germany. It is this Conflict Resolution that allows the circumstances that however unpleasant Heath Campbell is…he has these rights.

In Norn Iron…no such diversity appears possible. People cannot tolerate Orange parades on the Garvaghy Road or an Irish National Flag at the Ramada Hotel in Belfast in 2013. We have Passivity. Maybe even Peace. But we dont have the situation where Nationalist defeated Unionism or vice versa. We cannot have it both ways.

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