My Top 14 LetsGetLongerists

Inspired by a stirring thread on Slugger O’Toole…on the top fourteen “cross border co-operators”, I feel like I should do a big shout out to my top fourteen LetSGetAlongerists.

1 Duncan Morrow.

2 Quintin Oliver

3 Mick Fealty

4 Andy Pollak

5 Allan Leonard

6 Robin Wilson

7 8 9 10 Ian James Parsley

11 Rev Norman Hamilton

12 Gladys Ganiel-O’Neill

13 Rick Wilford

14 Dawn Purvis

They have so much in common that I really wish they could all meet up at a conference and get to know each other. I am really surprised that none of them have thought to do it.

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30 Responses to My Top 14 LetsGetLongerists

  1. Mick says:

    Could you not have rounded it to 15?

    • The convention seems to be fourteen? I dont know why.
      But just for the craic, can you let us all know how many of them you have actually met?
      Youre the only one on the list that I have actually met….or more accurately the only one who knows that I am the legendary blogger, FitzjamesHorse.
      I should probably get out more.

  2. hoboroad says:

    You might enjoy the latest opinion poll on my Blog FJH.

    • A tricky one.
      Ive voted for Quintin cos I think he deserves much more publicity than he gets. I feel sorry for him standing at the back of rooms, too shy to say anything.
      Andy is a sensitive soul who feels under-appreciated by people like me, who he describes as begrudgers. (Slugger passim).
      Parsley has certainly added to the gaiety of Norn Iron …a serial LetsGetAlongerist….but ultimately I cant vote for a person who REJECTED a comment I made on thread on his Blog….about the importance of Loyalty to a Party. I merely agreed and suggested that he knew a thing or two about Party Loyalty, having been loyal to more than one.
      But Ivoted for Quintin. The man gets absolutely no credit.

  3. bangordub says:

    How about an award for GOB of the year? (Grumpy old Blogger) 😉

  4. bangordub says:

    We could start our own, I’d enjoy seeing you and David Vance in the same room 😉

    • Ah you know me….Im the shy retiring type.
      I crave no honour.

      • bangordub says:

        Well, you know me, I like my anonymity.
        I did offer to set up a meeting between you and Sheldon previously? Now that would have been fun. I’m thinking of doing a google webcast thing about bloggers talking about blogging? We can all discuss how important we are and how much we influence debate and political decision making. How we set agendas and shape opinion.
        You on for it? (I’m trying to keep a straight face typing this)

      • I will of course wear a mask and probably a crash helmet.
        I also have ongoing surgery to my mouth (an occupational hazard for a blogger) and wont be fit to be seen or heard in public for a while.
        But bearing in mind that I dont understand Google Plus….I do understand Yahoo/Webcam technology.
        Im not convinced about Blogging being a serious thing…but insofar as it is….the object is to speak Truth unto Power.
        And I cant think of a more powerful group in Norn Iron than the unelected LetsGetAlongerists who get such an easy ride on…the mainstream Media and of course Slugger.

  5. bangordub says:

    Here’s a thought,
    When a coup takes place or an election is looming, (often the same thing) a primary aim of those trying to take power is to “manage the message”. That is much easier if the message can be managed through relatively few outlets. Hence the reliance upon press releases and the profitability of PR companies.
    Have you been “managed” or recieved any donations recently? I haven’t.
    Now. Who may fall into that category?

    • Sadly no donations.
      But I am thinking of applying to Stratagem for some kind of grant. 😉

      • bangordub says:

        Surely you are not suggesting that your blogging content is open to influence by who may pay you? Never. I’m aghast.

      • No No No.
        My Blog is of the very highest standard.
        And I will be submitting my application on the basis that I am a brilliant analyst who offers amazing insight into Norn Iron.
        I can see no possible reason why Stratagem would not give me some cash.
        They would not expect a quid pro pro.

  6. bangordub says:

    That’s settled so. Can I apply?

  7. charlie says:

    Speaking of awards, shouldn’t you announce the winner of last year’s Czar awards:

    Still waiting to see if you adopted the Nelson McCausland award.

  8. Political Tourist says:

    I’m going for Mick, the rest sound as though they’d have a problem finding Casement Park without a SatNav.
    Is LetsGetsAlongism different political from being a Liberal?

    • I have Quintin…but I might switch to Mick because hes doing such a good job for the Alliance Paraty on Slugger this past 24 hours.
      He is writing the SDLPs obituary again,..he loves doing that.
      Not so keen on writing one for James Kelly. Have I ever mentioned that?

      Yes I think being Liberal is very different from being LetsGetAlongerist. Being Liberal is actually a political stance and being a LetsGetAlongerist is doing nothing at all.
      I note from reports of the McUnionist pre-launch that there is reference to Alliance Party being fence-sitters and John McCallister mentioned that last week in Rostrevor.
      In our context we tend to think of Liberal as Liberal Unionists.
      And the Alliance Party is a classic example of a coalition between the two.
      Arguably there is actually three factions involved there.
      Liberal Unionist…Hamilton, Bradshaw, Parsley being examples.
      Liberal….classicly in the Lib Dem tradition…Anna Lo and her pro-abortion stance.
      LetsGetAlongerists…fence sitters and minimalists who like to keep under the radar. These include a sincere “churchy, preachy” type.

  9. hoboroad says:

    Still no votes for Professor Rick Wilford or Gladys. No votes for Allan Leonard or Rev Norman Hamilton in my new opinion poll. It really is Mick Fealty’s contest to lose.

    • I always have problems posting on those Blogger sites.
      And semingly as we have the same ISP, Mrs FitzjamesHorse has been disenfranchised. If possible can you add another vote for Big Duncan. He was at her mothers funeral and feels she should back him.
      She doesnt like Mick. She thinks hes “very ignorant” to me.

  10. hoboroad says:

    Just voted for Big Duncan using my own vote usually I remain impartial and don’t vote in my own polls. But I will call this a proxy vote for Mrs FJH.

  11. Sorry Mick, my vote went to IJP, at least he tries to have some skin in the game, you’re just fence sitting chap. A letsgetalongerist who sits on the fence, oh lord, I’ll grab my coat…

  12. hoboroad says:

    Poll update:

    1 Mick Fealty
    2 Duncan Morrow
    3 Ian Parsley
    4 Quentin Oliver and Dawn Purvis
    5 Robin Wilson and Andy Pollok
    6 None of the above

    Still no votes for Allan Leonard. Gladys no votes. No votes for the Rev Hamilton maybe they are all atheists. No votes for Professor Rick Wilford which surprises me considering his weekly TV appearances on the BBC.


  13. Delighted to have escaped your list!

    > They have so much in common that I really wish they could all meet up at a conference and get to know each other. I am really surprised that none of them have thought to do it.

    No need. I’ll wager that most on the list know all but one if not all of the others. But Norn Iron is a small place …

    • You were under active consideration.
      But seeing as you could actually recognise me, I decided not to include you.
      You do feature in guesses about who will be a recognisable figure unveiled as a McUnionist next week.
      You can join the fun by emailing FitzjamesHorse AT
      The idea being that if any public figure is actually unveiled someone gets the credit for saying “I told you so”
      The McUnionist list gets longer….Nuala McKeever who I actually overlooked for the Top 14 and gets fanciful “May McFetridge”.and “Jim McDonald…so it is” off Coronation Street.
      I really have you down as a Liberal Unionist rather than a LetsGetAlongerist and that fault line between the two will become interesting in next few months.
      Of course I know that the fourteen know each other and Id be surprised if one (as you suggest is outside the loop).
      Im not suggesting that theres anything wrong with any, some or all of the fourteen. But what intrigues me as that Slugger is at its best when it speaks Truth to Power. But the Golden Halo of Do-Goodery is a powerful and unelected group who have not had a light shone in their direction.
      I dont know why Slugger hasnt said more about them….you know a helluva lot more about them than I do…why not a Blog?
      Dont forget to votefor your favourite LetsGetAlongerist on Hobos Blog.
      By the way I hear that there is a Brit going onto a space station for six months. Im assuming its Sheldon. If Im wrong…dont tell me.

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