“The Golden Halo” Speaks.

Good to see so many of Norn Irons Golden Halo gathered together in Derry to …to….to talk to each other. Which is what they do I suppose. Ive never known them to do anything else…except pat each other on the back.

Not much interested in it myself but you can read a report on it on Slugger O’Toole by one of their own, Mr Ulster.

Is “Mr Ulster” the main man in an organisation called the “Norn Iron Foundation”? Is he a former (paid???) official of the Alliance Party? Does the Alliance Party receive any money (say £98,000 over four years) from a Rowntree charity/trust.

Has the Norn Iron Foundation been set up by….Stratagem? Does the Norn Iron Foundation share premises with Stratagem …indeed a floor (Level C) at the Old Library Building on Donegall Road in Belfast?

Is Stratagem a “partner of choice” for the Norn Iron Foundation. Isnt Slugger O’ Toole also a “partner of choice”?

Is Quintin Oliver, top man at Stratagem still Advisor on Norn Iron to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation?

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9 Responses to “The Golden Halo” Speaks.

  1. All good questions. I’m more relaxed about SO’T and its agendas (hidden or otherwise) than your good self but it is important to know the background stuff. I don’t believe that there is a conflict of interest – but there may be a convergence of interests.

    • Oh Slugger is harmless…neutralised even.
      Too neutralised to ever run this kinda story.
      And Im sure they have more resources than I do.

      • Money-wise, true enough. Though I do find it odd that the prime voice behind SO’T is permanently resident in Britain. That is not a note of criticism, as such. There are plenty of websites outside Ireland concerned with Irish affairs that do a good job. And generally I like SO’T and think it does a fair enough job given its origins and make-up. But there is a slight “Made in UK” feel to it. Though that might be an unfair impression on my part.

      • Thats a reasonable observation and I never really thought of it in those terms before.
        Ive always tended to think of Mick (hi Mick…we are talking about you) as someone from here who just happens to live in England, rather than an English resident writing about here.
        Isolation from Norn Iron and its problems is not necessarily about Geography.
        The overclass (too posh to care or vote) in SSouth East Belfast are more isolated from the reality.

  2. Ah, the Golden Halo in Norn Iron, it’s a rather funny lot and tbh rather pathetically easy to get into too. When we (the lads I knock about with and still do) were at Uni we worked for an outside caterer and did work in places such as Hillsborough Castle, Kings Hall, Down Royal and elsewhere where these clowns rock up. They are incredibly boring, inoffensive and offensively bland and in all honesty, they’re small fry.

    Having lived and worked in bigger places and very good employers since I enjoy coming back to these events on an odd occasion and I won’t lie, I look down my nose at what can only be described as self centred, small minded idiots who’ve no idea of the outside world. Then again, IMHO, if you leave yourself to the goings on of Norn Iron alone you are destined to be small minded and I mean that in the arrogant manner it may come across.

    • Its the same old faces but I think that their days are numbered …the gravy train will soon hit the buffers.

      • That gravy train was very lucrative for the boys and I! 🙂

        Honestly, we used to work the bar or do some table service; we were fed like kings and any of the table wine not drunk was ours (full bottles of course, we didn’t go ‘rifling’ folks, we weren’t that bad!) to bring home, lubricating our weekend.

        It honestly is as bad as you’d imagine. There was one time when a senior rep from NITB came into the bar hammered and wanted to argue the bit out that Gordon’s gin was better than Tanqueray and decided to complain to our manager that we disagreed with her, or the time some young pup came up in his new Hugo Boss suit and wanted to basically say we were scum for working behind a bar serving him alcohol on a Friday night and that he was considerably better than us as he was wearing a brand new suit.

        How did we know that he was wearing a brand new, Hugo Boss suit you ask? Well, he hadn’t taken that little tag off at the top of his sleeve that you’re supposed to, very classy… We all pretty much wet ourselves right in front of him and noted he’d had too much to drink and gave him water instead, much to his annoyance. The lesson in all of this folks is that you should never peeve off a bar man, it’s a master servant relationship and not in the manner you would think 🙂

  3. factual says:

    I think SO’T is a very good blog – lots of different themes and voices. Mick is definitely well connected and rooted in Northern Ireland and is up there a lot of times in the year.

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