Fontenoy …11th May 1745

Jus for fun.


Battle of Fontenoy (11th May 1745). Wild Geese Infantry Regiments (Dillon, Roth, Berwick, Clare, Bulkeley & Lally) and Cavalry Regiment (Fitzjames).

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6 Responses to Fontenoy …11th May 1745

  1. bangordub says:

    Perhaps a little historical context Mr Fitz?

    • War of Austrian Succession
      British-Dutch-North Germans against the French.
      Around 50,000 on each side.
      Irish Brigade under command of Viscount Clare (all regiments)heavily involved on the French Left in the closing and crucial stages of the Battle. in direct opposition to British Guards regiments.
      “Remember Limerick and Saxon Treachery”
      And it all went pretty darn well.
      All the regiments especially Clare suffered losses.
      The Duke of Cumberland, later the butcher at Culloden commanded the British.
      This was three months before Bonnie Prince Charlie landed in Scotland to begin the 1745 Rebellion.
      The Irish Brigade also went to Scotland…although many were captured at sea.
      They fought at Falkirk and Culloden.
      And covered the Highlanders retreat/rout….theHighlanders being rbels had no quarter. The ” Irish” were technically French andtherefore entitled to POW status.
      Fitzjames Horse had about 75 troopers at Culloden.
      And about 15 took Prince Charlie off the field.

      • bangordub says:

        Excellent stuff! Thanking you 🙂

      • That was the short version. LOL

      • MPG ..... says:

        A visit to Collins Barracks (Islandbridge, Dublin) is a MUST for anybody interested in the military history of our forefathers. A huge display in an appropriate setting, showing where they fought all over the world over the Centuries, up to the peace keeping service in UN colours where many were also killed.

      • Been there many times. My most recent visit in August is probably in the Archives here.
        The Irish Military History Society is based in the grounds of the Defence Forces Church at Arbour Hill.

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