Manchester United Fan Arrested On Sexual Abuse Charges

A few days ago, I reported that a leading Manchester City fan had pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges. So today I can blog that yesterday a leading parliamentarian was arrested and questioned on abuse charges. He is a well-known Manchester United supporter.

Is it in any way relevant? Absolutely not. But I take my lead from the market leader in this kinda thing. Pretty damn stupid, isnt it?

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18 Responses to Manchester United Fan Arrested On Sexual Abuse Charges

  1. factual says:

    Like Mick Fealty many may have reservations about the taste of jocular posts regarding real sex abuse cases.

    • Let me say this quite clearly.
      just about every man you will ever meet knows a relative or friend who has been the victim of sexual abuse.
      statistically one in five women makes it almost impossible for a man not to be aware of a female relative or friend in that particular issue.
      Please feel free to accuse me of inappropriate jocularity on any subject….but not this one.
      Rather spend your time at the archive of another website and look out how on some occasions they contrive linkage of criminality to your favourite political party. This hs shmefully included sex buse cases.
      But only of course in SOME cases. seemingly not where other prties are concerned.
      I think Most reasonable people would consider this linkage and the scarecely disguised invitation to abuse your fvourite party as grossly unfairand maybe even in bad taste.
      Is there any linkage between SF, SDLP, TUV, UUP, DUP, Alliance, FG, FF, Lanbour, Conservative, Green or Lib Dem and sex abuse.
      Rather obviously there is NOT.
      I feel I am entitled to point that out….often.

      • factual says:

        None of that addresses the point, surely?

      • It addresses the point…yes.
        Whether or not you were at home when the postman/woman called is a different point.

      • factual says:

        I don’t think that you have made clear why you make posts making light of sex abuse. That you are aware of its seriousness is not the point. The point is whetehr such jokes are in proper taste. I have not stated what my view is, I have merely stated that many may like Mick Fealty have reservations about these posts.

      • Well there we go…
        You THINK I am making light of sex abuse
        I KNOW that I am not.
        They are NOT jokes.
        I am not surprised that you have not stated your own opinion…you never do.
        Youve never had an opinion that Gerry Adams, Mary Lou McDonald and now Mick Fealty havent thought first.
        Try and learn to have your own opinions.

      • factual says:

        I think that many people (others, not me) looking at the posts you have done in the last two days on sex abuse would find it possible to maintain the view that you are at best writing trivial material around the abuse victims. That is, I put it to you quite directly that many (not necessarily me but many others) are likely to see your posts as posts that at best trivialize the serious matter of sex abuse.

      • Well Ive tried to make it clear that I am not trivialising sex abuse.
        I cannot be held responsible for the stupidity of people …or the agenda of people.

  2. factual says:

    Do you think the Deputy Speaker will have to resign?

  3. factual says:

    Off topic I know FJH but I was wondering if you plan a thread explicitly highlighting Gerry Adam’s in-the-Dail apology to IRA victims (that was the topic of Miriam) of a couple of weeks ago? I suspect many think that he has possibly not got quite as much credit for that as he deserves, both North and South of the border.

    • No, I will not be doing a thread on this as it is not in any way newsworthy in itself….at least not in the narrow terms you suggest.
      I have actually posted on Slugger O’Toole about the interview Gerry Adams gave to Miriam O’Callaghan. I expect that you are one of the “many” people who think he has not had enough “credit” for the apology in An Dail. PLEASE DONT TELL ME IF YOU ARE OR ARE NOT BECAUSE ITS NOT IMPORTANT.

      • factual says:

        I do not expect other blogs necessarily to report Gerry Adam’s apology, but I had thought that given that this blog is a pan nationalist blog, that his apology to the IRA’s victims would have been at least given some recognition for its importance; if the apology was not important Gerry Adams would not have issued it.

      • basically you want me to give Gerry Adams “credit”.
        I will maybe approach this in a different way.

      • factual says:

        OK If you would not say anything positive, then it would be better you did not blog. It has been covered on leargas, I think many would hope that a nationalist blog might give him credit, but so far his apology has received too little positive coverage.

  4. Political Tourist says:

    Young boy wearing a Celtic top in the park is attacked by vicious dog.
    Reporter arrives to ask what happened.
    Boy’s chum tells reporter the story.
    Reporter ask him, “did your friend provoke the dog”
    “nope, the dog appeared from nowhere and attacked him”
    Again and again the reporter asks if the dog was provoked.
    Headline in paper next day.

    “Celtic Fan Attacks Family Pet”.

  5. Political Tourist says:

    Old as the hills me thinks.
    Probably referred to Belfast Celtic to start with.

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