Stat Attack

Some interesting statistics from this Blog.

Over the weekend a milestone will be reached in terms of “Views”. But coincidently the weekend should also show that the ” Views” for the First four months of 2013 will exceed the total for 2012.

Interestingly ” Views” from United States now exceed those from Ireland…

April 2013 will be the best month. The best five months have been all of those from December 2012. …but February 2013 (I was in Texas for part of the month) was actually the lowest of the five.

April 2012 was probably the breakthru month. It followed an interesting time which included being referenced on Slugger O’Toole (those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end). The marching season (also referenced on Slugger) was another breakthru and the Flegs Dispute in December 2012 also added readers.

Texas certainly added American readers. But perhaps the biggest surprise was that Margaret Thatcher was actually good for business.

I used to “plug” this blog on Twitter but I deleted the Twitter account some months ago and I rarely post on the site and my Facebook activity is now much reduced. So I am kinda pleased. Mrs FitzjamesHorse has never really liked the Template I use …so maybe a re-vamp is in order but changing it looks complicated.

But most credit of course goes to the readership and “commenters”. Thank you.

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7 Responses to Stat Attack

  1. factual says:

    Well done.
    Does it take a lot of your time?

    • Well as a retired person, I have quite a lot of time.
      I type slowly and thats time consuming with longer posts and I contribute to another forum (American based but primarily about Ireland) although I blog less for that now …and most of what I blog there is Americanised versions of stuff I blog here.
      Actual “blogging” and replying to comments is actually not 100% of blogging. A lot is replying to emails ( not everyone wants comments published) or gleaning information and listening to gossip at various events.

      • factual says:

        Do you get a lot of invitations now as a result of being a successful blogger?

        How much thought/prep goes into a typical blog entry, before you write it?

        How do you/bloggers measure their success?

      • I would not describe myself as a “successful blogger”
        I dont think I get invites BECAUSE I blog. I probably dont get some invites BECAUSE I blog.
        As I explained last week in relation to a retirement seminar, being a blogger is not really a help. Thee can be conflicts of interest and times when people would rather talk freely.On the other hand these occasions are often good for fact-finding. Or general observation which I may not use for months. Or even at all.
        Some blogs are written immediately.
        others are written after weeks of thought. or example I have three drafted and one will probably never be published. Other blogs are not published but stay as unpublished journal entries.
        measuring success? Well in part the success is the publication itself.
        Getting my own thoughts out there.
        Some subjects recur.
        Initially the whole thing was a bit of a laugh. A chance to irritate LetsGetAlongerists and their fellow travellers. I still enjoy that and I certainly get a lot of joy out of every increasingly snide comment Mick Fealty makes here…
        But I suppose the bottom line is that the Blog got me an invite to USA in February and has been well received there. Which oddly makes me need to raise my game away from being offensive about the Alliance Party….and all its works.

      • factual says:

        I don’t think Mick Fealty should be too worried about the competition, he still has the lions share of the market, and the main articles are good stimulating and relevant..

        While I often enjoy the main articles on Slugger O’Toole I rarely look at the comment zone. To me the comment zone on Slugger is its weakness: a small number of people who repeatedly post. They are negative and give a poor impression of Northern Ireland – on both sides of the divide up there. Best to read the main blog item and simply skip the comments there, I recon.

      • This is NOT a blog that is in way in competition to Slugger O’ Toole.
        AS I have said a million times, this is a BLOG and it is certainly enhanced by its commenters (sic) but essentially it remains a BLOG reflecting MY opinions. It is pan-nationalist and works best when commenters reflect on the position of SDLP and SF within the Irish-nationalist-republican-socialist dynamic. Essentially the commenters are on the same page and extremely good and generous with comments. Check out Kalistas excellent contribution to the Belfast Blitz page…Brian Bartons book.
        Essentially the commenters want what is best for our nation…Ireland.
        I have rarely (if ever) published a comment from anyone I thought to be an Alliance Party member.
        This might appear like censorship…but it IS a pan nationalist blog. To their credit Alliance folks have given up commenting. They made a fairly concentrated attack on this Blog in December 2012 but they are all languishing in Spam Land. Its an undemocratic Party and they dont have the interests of my nation at heart.
        For the most part, I do publish Mick Fealtys comments. At his best he is a good analyst. And I like it when he goes all pompous.
        But Slugger O’Toole is a MESSAGE BOARD and a completely different dynamic.
        Clearly I have total contempt for SOME of its leading lights (and I dont inlude Mick in that) and I do not agree with the agenda which it claims it does not have. But at its best…there is a high level of general debate there with some excellent commenters.

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