Suarez Bites Yer Elbow

As a Manchester United fan, I am supposed to have a default for Liverpool FC. But I dont. As I have said before at the time of the Munich Air Crash, only two clubs offered help to Old Trafford. Nottingham Forest and…Liverpool. So the fans of both clubs who insult each other so viciously …dont know their own clubs histories.

Liverpool FC behaved extremely badly …and unwisely …when they defended Luis Saurez far too vociferously …and wrongly…when he racially abused Patrice Evra about eighteen months ago. The Anfield Club got a lot of bad publicity and lost a lot of friends.

Today Saurez bit a Chelsea player. Suarez had already been yellow-carded. The referee did not see the “biting incident” and Suarez stayed on the pitch…and scored a last minute equaliser.

In fairness Liverpool have learned from their previous mistake. They have said that it was conduct inappropriate for a player wearing a Liverpool shirt. Suarez has also apologised.

Inevitably Luis Suarez will face a lengthy ban. And hard to see that he can pick up any end-of-season award even if he does have a claim on being Footballer of thevYear.

But how exactly can Liverpool deal with him? Players and their Agents hold all the cards. Whatever about bringing the club into disrepute, Suarez can simply sign for another club. Maybe even Manchester United.

It is in the nature of football fans to be tribal. The Liverpool fans on the radio phone-ins think Suarez must be forgiven by the Club. He is after all their best player. And curiously they think that he is being victimised by the media.

And yet it has to be said that Liverpool fans and more broadly Liverpudlians have a very odd sense of victimhood. Today before the Chelsea game, they honoured recently deceased, Anne Williams, the Hillsborough campaigner who fought tirelessly for the ninety-six Liverpool fans killed that day. Liverpool fans rarely mention that twenty odd fans of Juventus died before a European match…after a riot involving Liverpool fans.

Liverpool fans urgently need a sense of Reality. And Perspective.

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6 Responses to Suarez Bites Yer Elbow

  1. Political Tourist says:

    I’m not a fan of all seater stadiums but in both tragic cases mentioned seating for everybody in a modern arena (Bradford not being modern ie a wooden structure) would have saved those who died.
    On a historical note, Archiebald Leitch is noted as the main architect of early 20th Century stadiums.
    Fulham’s main stand is his baby.
    Possibly the old stand at Windsor???? as well.
    He’s the only person i know who starts with a disaster, Ibrox 1902, 25 deaths, and ends up something of a hero in stadium construction.

  2. sammymcnally says:

    re. “As a Manchester United fan”

    Presumably if there was a decent Irish team to support(admittedly unlikely) you would ditch ManU in the morning?

    The reason Irish people support ‘foreign’ teams, Celtic, Rangers, Manu, Lpool – is becuase the home ‘product’ is worse than bad?

  3. sammymcnally says:


    re. “Liverpool fans rarely mention that twenty odd fans of Juventus died before a European match…after a riot involving Liverpool fans.

    Liverpool fans urgently need a sense of Reality. And Perspective.”

    If that is not of the most outstanding examples of pot (us Nats) calling the kettle black I’ll eat my balaclava.

    When it comes to onesided versions of vicitimhood I challenge any other group(perhaps excepting the Prods) to beat us at that game.

  4. sammymcnally says:

    … in Ladyball(soccer) speak – Liverpudlians are not in the same league as us.

  5. I’ve no time for team sports. It’s nothing against the actual game but I am against the culture. From rape to racism, from assault to facism, the team can always rely on their fans ditching their moral compass to support them.

    I see that a complaint has not been made about the biting incident but I’m pretty sure that a prosecution for assault (and assault it was) does not require a complaint from the victim. If I’m right, them the police should proceed with a prosecution against Suarez, just as they should have against the likes of Roy Keen, in the past

  6. wolfe tone says:

    Ironically enough i think the media reaction to the suarez incident has racist or at least xenophobic undertones. If he was the darling of the media that is john terry, would there be as much outrage? I recall the deafening silence when terry slyly spat twice in that other english media badboy, carlos tevez face in the 2008 champs league final. It was ignored by the righteous media. I personally would be more outraged if someone spat at me on the football field or indeed tried to break my leg. If someone tried to bite me i would find it rather funny. Spitting? That is nastier.

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