A Decade Of…Deaths?

regular readers will know that the whole Decade of Centenaries irritates me. Not just do Ibelieve that they…or some are not important…or equally important to Nationalists and Unionists but I believe we ae…as usual..being manipulated by tThe Conflict Resolutionists. I for example do not give a tinkers curse about the Battle of the Somme. I would have preferred if the Germans had won…but Im not losing sleep over it.

Besides, I have always thought that a Decade of Half Centenaries is actually more interesting. And more relevant to where we are today. Terence O’Neill, Civil Rights…all that.

And thirdly, I don’t think we can orchestrate events so easily. Events just…happen. The next decade will have it’s own set of events…but some will be no surprise.

Yesterday Margaret Thatcher (87) died. Yesterday the Belfast News Letter had a photograph on its front page…Ian Paisley celebrating his 87th birthday. So….

Thatchers funeral will be attended by Mrs Windsor (86) and her hubby Phil the Greek (91). There is well to wall coverge of deaths and funerals at British national level …and local level ahead for us all. Not necessarily any of those I have mentioned. But the reaction to Thatchers death…from mourning to rejoicing…is likely rot be replicated over the next ten years.

Frankly these events cannot be controlled. Arrange  your street party and boring your Tshirt now.

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  1. hoboroad says:

    New poll on my blog feel free to vote.


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