Vexing Vexillology

Jamie Bryson is obsessed with Flegs. Willie Fraser is obsessed with Flegs…and so too is Mick Fealty over on Slugger O’Toole.

The question has been posed that the National Flag of Ireland seems a bit dated as the “orange” bit is …kinda aspirational. In de facto terms the Irish National Flag seems more than the sum of its parts.

In the interest of balance…which you may or may not see on Slugger O ‘Toole, the British Flag of the Disunited Kingdom seems…it might be so argued …more than the sum of its parts…as it has “St Patricks Saltire” (I know, I know….don’t start me)an allegedly Irish emblem to represent the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Norn Iron.

And isn’t that harp on the “royal standard” a bit outdated too?

Can a flag be outdated? Well yes…the American Flag is subject to regular updates until just over fifty years ago. Will we ever see another star added….Guam, Samoa, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico? Who knows? And the so called European Flag had the good sense to stop at twelve stars.

But take the “Union Flag”. Surely if Scotland leaves the United Kingdom….and I’m sure Mick Fealty who isn’t Scottish is neutral on the issue….then the flag with its Scottish saltire becomes obsolete and indeed offensive to Scots.

So rather than the notion that Ireland “needs” a new flag….there is perhaps a greater likelihood that the United Kingdom (an obsolete notion may be) will need a new fleg. A Flag indeed symbolic…and wouldn’t it be nice if the Union Flag had TWO outdated saltires.

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9 Responses to Vexing Vexillology

  1. Here is another series of questions – the union of Scotland and England. If Scotland breaks away the question is how will that be treated? It seems to me that the union flag will be no more. If the Union is dissolved then the two parties will revert back to their constitutional status before. Agreements they entered together, such as joining the EU, the Union with Ireland, and so on will also be dissolved. If the EU kicks out Scotland they will also have to kick out the other partner, England. It will be a case of sauce for goose and gander. The union with Ireland then, and what followed from it is extremely interesting. Willl Scotland continue to recognise a union with Ireland it entered as part of a UK? If not will a new union with the rump of that union – NI (sic) – have to be constructed by England?

    Interesting conundrum.

    By the way the Welsh get no recognition – they were annexed.

    • Yes..Scotland is certainly setting nationalist cats among unionist pigeons.
      A Trojan Horse…Achilles heel….weakest link.
      If the campaign is close, I’d expect some really dirty tricks.
      Possibly a whole new set of opportunities opening up for LetsGetAlongerists.
      It would be great if we could send some of our local LetSGetLongerists to Scotland to lay their healing hands on the good folks there.

  2. factual says:

    By the way this blog made a comment at the time of the flag protests that St Patricks day could prove key – there was a prediction of trouble at St P day from flag protestors – care to review that?

  3. The tricolour is a dangerous wee flag as it, like the proclamation, is a symbol of equity and that’s just something unionism cannot abide. From they were planted ’till their livings were supported by the enforced generosity of the real British people, they believe everything is owed to them by everyone else. They remind me a lot of the Heradi Jews, who suck off the tit of the Israeli state but contribute nothing to it. Unionists will boast of WWII but we know that they were frustratingly reluctant to enlist to the satisfaction of London and the worst worker is the armaments of the time.

    So,British, as real contributors to the UK, they are not. The truth of centuries of contribution from Irish Protestants to the cause of Irish freedom and equity is another uncomfortable truth that spikes their bubble as does the history of the poor treatment given to them ( and their kin back in Scotland) by the British.

    To this day, there is no cost that they do not see as valid, so long as they are to benefit and are not even culturally British, within the modern world. As an example; I was watching the gay marriage debate and following reaction on twitter. From celebrities to random bumnnies, people were astonished, amused and bemused by the archaic nonsense coming from the DUP during the debate. In contrast, their outlook is astonishingly like that of the southern state, another inconvenient truth. They belong more on the tricolour than the union flag. Failing that,, one of their own but what colour should the sponge andouille sign be?

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