Abortion And Stormont

I personally don’t think Abortion mixes well with Politics.

I have private views and political views. And any attempt to be nuanced alienates people who self identify as “Pro Life” and “Pro Choice”. There is a concept called Objective Wrong and Subjective Wrong. Morality…is it absolute or is it conditional?

Is it wrong to kill? Certainly…but try telling that to American conservatives who are pro-nuclear weapons but anti-abortion. Or indeed try telling that to pro-choice pacifists. The Abortion Debate is riddled with Hypocrisy…..which brings me neatly to a thread on Slugger O’Toole. …on Abortion.

It seems a few short weeks since we were told that 79% of people supported some form of integrated education. Sinn Fein Education Minister, John O’ Dowd was challenged to do something. Integrated Education is a key LetsGetAlongerist theme. And a Slugger theme. And an Alliance Party theme. Wisely nobody on Slugger has pointed out thaI just last week in Mid Ulster only 1.3% of people voted for this policy, which 79% were alleged to support.

Take Abortion. If there are figures on the approval rating on Abortion in Norn Iron, Slugger does not share it with folks like us. But Slugger appears to be Pro-Choice, a key theme in the kind of Secular politics, of which Slugger usually approves.

The joint proposal of DUP and SDLP to limit the choices to within NHS do not meet with Slugger approval. And Slugger notes that it falls to Sinn Fein to block the DUP-SDLP motion. Slugger wins some and loses some.

Typically Slugger lambasts SDLP. But has Slugger noted that their beloved Alliance Party do not seem enthusiastic for the Marie Stopes position. Ford, Lunn, Dickson, McCarthy are unlikely to be pro-choice and Lyttle and Cochrane have no record of liberalism and Farry has his leaderership ambitions to consider. No point in alienating the Churchy element in his Party.

The Alliance position seems to be not having a position. Except of course Anna Lo. The Party will be glad that Sinn Fein kicked it into the long grass and there is no need for it to have a position. Slugger will also be relieved.

Typically Slugger sees Abortion as a fault line in nationalism. SDLP against extending “rights” and SF blocking the debate. How this would have played out in Mid Ulster last week…had the SF position been known….is of course academic. On a personal level I am happy that it was not an issue.

Is there not enough Hypocrisy already?

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