Alliance Party: Reassuringly Crap

David Ford said last night that the story of the night would be the Alliance Partys performance. I am happy to point out that the story was that they were awful. No sympathy. No liberal unionists. No Catholic unicorns. No sympathy. No Hope.

David Ford, Oliver Napier, John Cushnahan, Naomi Long, Chris Lyttle, John Alderdice….your boy took one helluva beating.

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5 Responses to Alliance Party: Reassuringly Crap

  1. An arrogant party – full of people who are full of themselves. The Arrogant Party.

  2. hoboroad says:

    Less than 500 votes in a By-Election for a party with two seats in Government. David Ford must go now.

    • There is bound to be a campaign against him.
      Farry and Long will be jockeying for position.
      but behind doors, Alliance will be arguing about how they got absolutely no sympathy for their ahem….principles.

  3. Well, ther we have it, typical Alliance. 100 masked loyalists attack people in Glengormley and Alliance seek to share the blame out to nationalists for having the audacity to celebrate the Easter Rising.

    • Alliance are not genuinely “in the middle”.
      They work on the basis of “one for you…one for me”….the very thing that they claim not be in their Election Broadcast.
      They are getting hassle from unionists….therefore they want to get back in unionists good books….therefore regardless of the merits of what happens in Glengormley….they will condemn republicans,
      The Alliance Party are totally and absolutely without principle.

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