My Name Is FJH…I Have A Teddy Bear

002 I dont understand the hostility directed at Gerry Adams because he has chosen to blog about his teddy bear. I think it has opened up a space for us all to talk about our teddy bears.

This is Teddy, my constant companion since Christmas 1952. I feel….liberated… that I have mentioned him.

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8 Responses to My Name Is FJH…I Have A Teddy Bear

  1. factual says:

    Gerry Adams deserves a lot of credit for his work in the peace process. This criticism that one can read about his twitter account is from those who oppose the change that Sinn Féin is bringing to Ireland. Those who fear an Ireland of Equals.

  2. kleeyaro says:

    Good for you! Teddy Bear Lovers Unite!

  3. pippakin says:

    I hope you feel liberated now that the world, or that bit of it that reads your blog, has seen your beloved teddy.

  4. pippakin says:

    I have recently written about the bearded ones teddy, your picture is tempting me to put a picture of the bear on the post.

  5. pippakin says:

    lol. I am speaking to the owner of the bear as I type. Ollie says woof!

  6. karenwaddy says:

    Wow! 1952 🙂 He’s even older than my ‘Old Ted’…

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