New Politics NI

Some of you bloggers might be interested in this. I got a tweet from a new organisation NewPolitics NI. They will soon be setting up a website and inviting contributions from people who believe in a “shared future”. All sounds a bit seductively “letsgetalongerist” and you all know how I feel about Conflict Resolution. Nor do I know who is backing it.

But bear it in mind.

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9 Responses to New Politics NI

  1. bangordub says:

    2 Questions.
    a) Why wasn’t I tweeted?
    b) Can we all join in?

  2. bangordub says:

    Fair point. It would be helpful to know something about them or at least who is funding them. If it is a certain chocolate concern I can imagine your next blog 😉
    I maintain my anonymity on the web although my identity is known to some including certain politicians as you know but mainly it gives me a certain freedom to lose my rag on occasion as well as to express my opinions with less restraint. As blogging is essentially a personal thing, for me what makes it worthwhile is that others take the time to read, empathise, disagree and argue with what you think.

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