Alliance Party…Cross Community????

According to an Alliance Party apologist on Slugger O’Toole, I am “rattled” by David Ford. ….which reminds me that I am going over to my local hospital casualty department today. Some minor injuries sustained today when I was savaged by a dead sheep.

Apparently I have an intense dislike of the Alliance Party. Moi????? Please feel free to search my blog for any evidence of this….but please give me at least an hour to delete several posts where I have indeed expressed intense dislike for her Party. But these things are relative…there are people expressing intense dislike for the Alliance Party on the Newtownards Road, Carrickfergus and Bangor. And I am NOT one of them. Alliance ire would be better directed at them …and those that produced 40,000 leaflets expressing intense dislike.

But the Alliance Party is “cross community”. And we know this because…….well basically because the Alliance Party tell us they are. Of course when a previous power-sharing arrangement was in danger of collapse…two members of Alliance Party simply re-designated themselves as “unionist” for the Common Good. Thats the Alliance Party……principled!!!.

Oddly or maybe not…Alliance people wonder aloud if the “cross community” designation is outdated. After all the melt-down in UUP puts a lot of soft “unionist” votes in play…and the demographics now suggest that the “Union” can only be saved by the “middle” ground.

But just how “cross community” is a Party which does not really exist west of the River Bann…in only seven constituencies and does not actually have an office more than 25 miles from Belfast city centre. And has no seat in a constituency with a nationalist majority.

And how “cross community” is a Party that was snookered into taking down (as unionists would have it) the Butchers Apron at Belfast City Hall for all but designated days ….and slithers around on its belly looking for a solution to its own self-inflicted problem which involves putting up the Butchers Apron in Derry, Newry and Omagh.

And how “cross community” is a Party which facilitated the transfer of policing powers to local people…and picked up the Justice Ministry as a reward….only to champion the return of some policing powers to central (British) control.

Just how “cross community” is a Party which seeks the abolition of Catholic schools. Are we really supposed to believe it is nothing less than creating a homogenous but British Norn Iron.

Now I must get off to the casualty Department…turns out I wasnt savaged by a dead sheep…it was a live wolf in sheeps clothing.

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25 Responses to Alliance Party…Cross Community????

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  2. pippakin says:

    I’m looking forward to the next elections it will show how much or if Alliance have been damaged by their deal with the devil. Interesting times…

    • Other events will probably make Flegs a distant memory.
      They have made few friends.
      But for all the hyperbole of an embargo on their Big Initiative and the almost royal pageantry of their Press Conference …their initiative looked a bit hasty and an attempt to grab the initiative.

      • ardmajell55 says:

        Hi FJH. Well alliance actions recently have led to one cross community indeed. Poll seems to indicate they have near enough dodged the feared bullet… far.

      • I’m not a big fan of opinion polls but the likelihood is that the UUP are losing votes to Alliance and DUP.
        Alliance are losing a little to SDLP.
        basically Alliance can’t be all things to all men.

      • ardmajell55 says:

        The script here seems to go ape at times for a few minutes. don’t know if this is from this computer or the site.

  3. As I suggested on another thread, moderation seems to equate with nationalism being subsumed, rather than an equivalent expression

  4. pippakin says:

    Its about mood and timing. Alliance misjudged both. I think others will be more selective, slow is always best.

    Alliance chose to act first and think afterward not a good idea.

  5. Maybe me but anyone recall them pushing the nationalist agenda rather than Britishness or supposed neutrality?

  6. Sorry for the no show for a while, we’ve had some pretty massive flooding down here in QLD (we’re safe btw), so, what did I miss then? 🙂

    Three words for APNI and what has happened since this flags thing and everything they’ve touched since ‘CLUTCHING. AT. STRAWS.’

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