Killer Wales

Strange that there has been an interview with”Prince Harry” in which the guy who dressed up as a Nazi to party in England and dressed down to party in Las Vegas, admits to have killed Taliban in Afghanistan.

Of course the object of the exercise for soldiers is to kill the Enemy. So it can hardly be a surprise that Harry has killed. What is a surprise is the candid admission that he has killed, the handling of it by “royal” press people and the fact that it has published. Public reaction is also going to be interesting.

Of course there considerations. Just how legitimate is the use of an Apache helicopter gunship in Afghanistan? And if any women and children got killed by Harry, would that be a game-changer? After all, I read an agonised thread on a well known discussion board yesterday condemned the use of drones by United States. If an Apache gunship killed Afghan civilians by a man third in line to the British throne hands killed civilians, then surely it would be consistent for that discussion board to nuclear (no pun intended).

For people of my vintage, this is strange. The British Constitution demands that the Monarchy remains in the shadows, which means that no spotlight is shone on the Institution.

In the 1960s Huw Wheldon and the BBC persuaded the “royal Family” to let the cameras in. In the 1980s, “Prince Edward” brought the cameras in to “It’s A Royal Knockout”, Will the Harry interview be as big a disaster?

Perhaps Harry leaping in and out of helicopters legitimises the war. Perhaps it rehabilitates the guy. Or perhaps the Royal handlers arrunning losing the run of themselves. Mrs Windsor jumped out of a helicopter and it went well. Lets have Harry jump into one.

Of course this isn’t fiction. And as Harry’s dad….er I mean Charles prepares to be the Defender of Faiths, Harry killing Islamic terrorists might be a bit controversial. …with Britains Islamists making him a target….or making the country a target.

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6 Responses to Killer Wales

  1. sammymcnally says:

    re. Killing.

    Probably not the wisest of remarks by ‘arry.

    But I have to say I thought the boy done excellent on the subject of the media – hardly containing his controlled dislike/hatred and particulalrly in the face of the stupidity of the interviewer not realising that his feeling might stretch back to the death of his mother.

    ps Good title.

    • The “title” is always the hardest bit.
      But I thought up that title last night and had to write a blog around it.
      I didn’t see the whole thing. really only the headlines around it.
      It is I think stretching things a bit for royal handlers to send Harry to Afghanistan in the first place…although as he is a serving soldier, they had little choice if factory workers sons from Rochdale are on the front line. But I think he could get away with being an infantry officer who might occasionally be involved in a fire fight…but these Apache gunships are little more than killing machines which are almost risk free.
      They are a bit like a computer game and if he has killed Taliban, there is a distinct possibility that he may have killed civilians.
      Everybody understands the military…in the abstract….but hearing a soldier talk (in the part I saw) is not always comfortable. The bottom line is that they kill people.
      To some extent the British public can tolerate the Partying Prince. And they don’t mind that William and Harry dress in ceremonial uniform for state occasions…but actually admitting to be a killer is a nasty East-West war of cultures is a different matter.
      It has the potential to increase tension within Britain.

      But I think it has an impact here. Apache gunships…whatever about legality or legitimacy,…are unpleasant. And while unionists will be pleased about a gung ho dashing cavalier of a prince and nationalists will see it as a main chance to embarrass the “royal family” and Britishness.
      But again, those in the so called “middle” are the most embarrassed. They would really much prefer if royalty wasn’t out in the spotlight.
      The Press are in a difficult position especially the tabloids. They have been given access and been complicit in building up the profile of a dashing young war hero….having exposed him a few months ago as a rich “Hooray Henry” …but the other side of the story is that he despises the tabloid press.

  2. sammymcnally says:


    re. Title

    I think it is up there with ‘Gotcha’ and ‘Its PaddyPantsdown’.

  3. James says:

    Shouldn’t the below comment from Harry cause some concern?

    “It’s a joy for me because I’m one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox, so with my thumbs I like to think I’m probably quite useful,” he said.

    • I’m pretty sure that my ancestors have been using our thumbs for several million years…or 6,000 as Nelson McCausland claims.
      I have a sons a year older and a year younger than Harry and they are both keen users of a XBox. They might turn out to be psychopaths….I worry 😉

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