Belfast City Centre Business

The hardest people to convince of the stunning success …as the Government Press Officers claim…of Belfast City Centre…seem to the city centre traders themselves. They even had a meeting last night about it. Did I see Michael Desn, the restaurant owner in attendance?

Busy night for him. Dean was in the Nolan audience Houston a few seats away from Jamie Bryson,  one of the alleged leaders of the Belfast Spring. dean was lamenting loss of trade. But surely a business opportunity was missed. Dean’s restaurant is about one hundred metres from the City Hall, scene of the Saturday protests by Jamie and his mates.

Surely Dean should have offered the protestors a deal. Or surely Bryson should have tried to negotiate a group booking for him and his mates.

Everyones a Winner.

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4 Responses to Belfast City Centre Business

  1. Dean e’s a great metaphor for today. A man who once boasted a Michilene star or two, reduced to being unable to get one for his deli in the scores in the doors thing. Now? Well, there’s not a single Michilene star in Belfast and the chefs from our elite restaurants, such as the aforementioned and that gaff beside it go on the Great British chef challenge thing and fail to cook potatoes properly and don’t even season a steak properly.

    It was al an illusion upon an illusion on a foundation of illusion. Ahhh…the noughties, when we ate food we didn’t understand, paid for with credit we didn’t own, then too, drugs we had no idea what they contained.

    Now, the infamous Belfast weekend is long gone, supplanted with preloading and hitting the pub late,not save money. We’ve better things to do with £27 than buy a badly seasoned steak and it would be a fool that would pay any more than 2 quid for an e tab.

    Now the screen has fallen, the dirt that we pushed aside to make the gaff look clean is not only still there, it’s gone rotten. The Big Jim Mc Dowell and Fionnuala O Connors of the media, who told us all along that it was all a sham, are the only ones to come out of this all with any credence. Well, there’s also Eamonn Mallie and we all saw the treatment (ball playing) that was meted out to him over on Sluggersville.

    And then last night, we had the once lone star restauranter literally shifting himself as he sat among the Knee Breakers away day, totally contradicting what he earlier told Wendy Austin. Mind you, that Freudian look over is left shoulder as he exhaled the term ‘black hole’ may have spoke of the man’s fear. Poor Michael was like Michele Mc Manus trying to relive her Pop Idol glory and like Michele, Michael’s glory never really was. Michel betrays his lack of confidence by boasting of his foie gras, not even the kinder version of it.

    What’s wrong with those taiga in the city hall?

    Meanwhile, the owner of the much better Mourne Seafood take to twitter and berates the police for ticketing cars in Bank Square as loyalists hoardes walk down, festooned in union flags and faces covered, intimidating away his custom.

  2. factual says:

    A lot of personal remarks here against Michael Deane. Achieving the status in the world of restaurants he did isn’ easy, and not to be sniffed at.

    • Deane wouldn’t last ten minutes as a chef in Basingstoke. Paul Rankin is miles better and always was. A friend of mine, Jame Keily, trained him to cook fish and said Rankin was an amazing student. Unfortunately, Paul has had well known issues.

      My partner is in to all that Great British Menu crap and Deane’s top boy can’t even cook potatoes to a satisfactory level.

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