Morse Code?

One of the really great posts on Slugger. From Gerry Lynch, the former Alliance Party staffer/candidate in East Antrim.

It has attracted a lot ocomponent. Frankly too much….as I have pointed ouonion my  er ….own comment. It would not do justice to the the post to try and summarise it here. But I urge you to look at it.

Taking the Census figure of 48% Protestant and a maximum unionist potential of……an almost random figure of 60% … is clear that the future of the Union lies in the hands of non-Protestants….the so called middle ground.

Gerry Lynch nails his colours firmly to the mast …that he would likely vote for Irish Unity in any Referendum.

During the summer…Jubilee and Olympics, it was clear to the begrudging chagrin of committed nationalists like myself….the Best of British in all it’s multiethnicity was on view.

The Flegs rioters have shown the very worst of Britishness….in all it’s narrow minded, sectarian, racist awfulness. This…it is argued turns moderates to consider Irish Unity.

The Alliance Party is under a spotlight as never before. It has thrived in the shadows. as a Party it is declared agnostic on the constitution…but it is a broad church. Broadly but not exclusively it is Liberal Democrat in British terms but has some lefties and more conservatives. it contains a “churchy” ecumenical element and a secular liberal element. But increasingly there is a liberal unionist element with high profile figures …such as Harry Hamilton, Paula Bradshaw and Ian Parsley defecting from UUP. possibly more to come. Of course there is an element of networking letsgetalongerists.

I think the arrival of so many liberal unionists DOES change the dynamic within the Alliance Party. Whether it strengthens the Party is a different question.

And this is the thing I find most interesting aspect of Gerry Lynch’s post on Slugger O’Toole.Is Gerry Lynch sending a coded message ….Morse Code…perhaps to his own (still?) Party?…..that the Alliance Party needs to retain its broad appeal.

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6 Responses to Morse Code?

  1. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, though I do find Gerry’s pieces to be one that is a usually a bit lengthy and self-righteous but then I too could be accused of this.

    It was interesting for many reasons especially as he does come across as someone who is quite emotionally charged or as my Mum would put it, ‘he wears his heart on his sleeve’, this is not a criticism btw, just an observation.

    I do wonder, however, how quickly he will change his mind though? I mean, after everything that happened back in the 80s and 90s he is only now changing his mind? Things were so much worse back then and a little bit of rioting (I know, how Northern of me to poo poo these riots) and he decides to change his mind now, interesting.

  2. I always refer to where unionism would sit in the GB context. Someone tweeted a screenshot of Jamie Bryson’s Facebook likes and it included the EDL among other right wing groups

    Not only is the unionist concept of British out of date, it is something repugnant to the vast, vast majority of British people. The census results revealed that some places in England have had, like Belfast, a cultural shift where indigenous whites are now a minority. Save for the usual lunatics of the mail and Peter Hitchins in particular, there’s no outrage. In truth, unionists are no more British than Saint George and they know it full well. What they are is a lingering footprint of history and rather than being pro British, they are merely ant Irish.

    The NI census was taken in 2011 which was a very, very different time from when the results were released. Ireland is in a much healthier position, with a recovering economy, whilst the UK is in an ever worsening position, bumping from recession to recession (only briefly recovering by manipulation of statistics and some national events as well as seasonal expenditure), just barely holding on to its AAA status. Meanwhile, NI drains money from the good people of GB whilst their own services are drained or gone completely and groups like the Tax Payers Alliance have their eyes on the subvention of the statelet at their expense and Cameron’s only loyalty is to the Home Counties and London.

    GB is looking down the back of the sofa for lose change and ridding itself of us would be like finding a tenner

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