Baggott…For God’s Sake Go!

Political Policing….we still have it. It is not necessarily about the old RUC being the paramilitary wing of the old Unionist regime.

Political Policing is about following a narrative dictated from Stormont. supporting the prevailing orthodoxy.

We have a narrative that we have a SHARED HISTORY and a SHARED FUTURE. We are fed a diet of Bread and Circus….MTV Awards…Belfast the coolest destination….the Titanic…Rory McIlroy….Derry …oops Derry-Londonderry City of Culture…G8 Summits…..”our time our place”….we have been conned.

Fool me once…shame on you. Fool me twice…shame on ME!!!!

How many times have we allowed ourselves to be conned? how many more times?

The TV News tells us about the “wrong” image of Norn Iron being shown around the world. WRONG!!! The scumbags who mocked the elderly man trying to visit wife seriously ill wife are as real an image of Norn Iron as Justin Bieber at the MTV Awards.

Trying to protect the image for five weeks has backfired…..Baggott has been parimage protecting the image. The PSNI has manifestly failed to deal with the kinda lawlessness we have seen. Resign!!!

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6 Responses to Baggott…For God’s Sake Go!

  1. sammymcnally says:

    re. “Political Policing”.

    Was he appointed by the policing board or does he pre-date that?

  2. factual says:

    I think the riots do show the need to work for more integrated education and joint approach on flags and so forth from our politicians north of the border – of whatever hue. Its a societal problem, and a systemic one requiring cross community work and more integration and cohesion. It points to the problem that CSI has still not been agreed let alone implemented.

  3. factual says:

    Regardless of whose watch is it on, it really is about time that CSI was brought in north of the border.

  4. factual says:

    This is a systemic societal problem that the policitians up there in the north should SOLVE. To expect policing to solve these problems is unfair.

    Its a failure of political agents not of police.

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