Mid Ulster

So Martin McGuinness has resigned his Westminster seat.

And there will be a bye-election in Mid Ulster. It is of course pathetic that Slugger O’Toole should focus on the total irrelevance that Westminster seats are resigned by applying for a paid office under the so called Crown.

Its a bizarre piece of parliamentary nonsense. Yet it amuses not just one but two Slugger contributors….so far. Shabby….very very shabby. But …typica

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7 Responses to Mid Ulster

  1. bangordub says:

    Ah you spotted that too! Tabloidy in my opinion. ps: Did you notice the multiple insertions of “xxxxxx – ed” Thats designed to add credibility but of course merely reinforces the perception of editorial cosiness.
    Is Slugger turning into an online version of the “Sindo” ?

    • I think it is petty. The fact McGuinness has resigned is a bigger story than the only available method of resigning.
      It looks like the two Slugger correspondents are making the best of a bad job. In the great scheme of things, the absurd methodology is no great embarrassment…..but the fact that Sinn Fein actually WON the seat causes the Sluggerati much more annoyance.

      • > The fact McGuinness has resigned is a bigger story than the only available method of resigning.

        Given that McGuinness indicated he was going to resign in mid-June – something I posted about – it seemed natural to come back to the actual resignation when it eventually came.

        And knowing the Slugger audience, it seemed reasonable to outline the kind of bubbled, bureaucratic process that would have to be followed to allow him to resign, and then the further shenanigans necessary to allow a by-election to be called. The debate around Adams’ resignation in Hansard is quite a read, particularly when MPs ask whether anyone can be ‘resigned’ at the will of the Chancellor without following the formal process. As part of holding political institutions to account, it seemed a reasonable topic – and one that you and other bloggers have picked up on too. And one that mainstream media outlets will cover to a greater or lesser degree too.

        I suppose giving the post a title of “McGuinness eventually resigns, what will there ever be a by-election?” was a possibility, but it wasn’t to be.

      • “Knowing the Slugger audience”.
        or playing to the mob LOL.
        Yes I suppose if you were writing for the Daily Express, you might have woven Lady Di and Dodi into the story so if youre writing a story where McGuinness resigns as a MP, it might be reasonable to bring in antiquated procedures for the benefit of the Slugger mob.
        A silly thing to do and as you may have gathered from my post, something which I considered beneath you while being par for the course for some of your fellow Sluggerites.

  2. Agreed, extremely childish, almost petulant. It simply adds to the (possibly unfair) impression of SO’T being a Unionist-lite website.

    • “petulant” maybe although I would have expected better from one of the Sluggerati.
      I speak as a person likely to be active in the SDLP campaign and frankly deplore this sort of nonsense.
      Mostly it’s pissing into the wind. Little Slugger ever said affected SF negatively ….they won seats regardless….so to bring comfort to themselves they mock the procedures.

      • Actually I see Mick Fealty has stepped into both threads and my impression is that he himself would have preferred a thread of “substance” not to be hi-jacked by a deliberately provocative headline. Of course Sheldon Cooper can’t be criticised. He must be indulged and protected.

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