LetsGetAlongerism Defined


“…congratulations to Celtic for making it through to the last 16, Im no fan of the club…”

(Mick Fealty, Slugger O’Toole 6th December 2012).

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10 Responses to LetsGetAlongerism Defined

  1. Even TV bloke Dermot O’ Leary had the balls to congratulate Celtic on Twitter. Mind you, he did add something like, cue Rangers fans unfollowing me.

    BTW, did Mick make the same qualification in all those Rangers threads he put up?

  2. bangordub says:

    I think Slugger have done a fantastic job presenting a balanced even handed interpretation of the last few days, not that I’m a fan or anything…….

  3. James says:

    Well done to Peter Robinson on calling for an immediate end to the recent protests, but understand I am in no way a fan if his…

  4. Eh? Go back and count them all up Oaky? And then come back and tell me where I pulled any punches not due?

    I think we laid down some useful tracks this week on Slugger. From before it started, even. But we are missing some unionist follow through.

    The Newry stuff was important to note clearly (the decisions were made on the same night), and then just as clearly contrast it with the more thorough Unionist approach in Belfast. Pretending it didn’t happen was not an option.

    It remains to be seen whether the DUP has made a big mistake or are just going through a difficult period in a necessary engagement with a Protestant working class everyone says they should engage with, until that is they actually do.

    Ironically, the big winners are probably the #getalongerist Alliance Party. They’ve been drawn out of the mundane nothingness of Stormont and into the clear day and demonstrated that not everything that moves politically has to have a green or orange jacket.

    Naomi, I think, will struggle in east, particularly the working class areas. I’m not sure she’s had enough time to socialise the vote she got in 2010. But the party has been stress tested nicely, it’s brought them back out of their constituencies and into a sort of forced congress with each other.

    And they have had a lot of publicity standing up for the very group they’ve most struggle to attract, as public reps if not as voters, liberal minded nationalists.

    Those people who underestimate them do so partly because of the percentage ratings they get at elections and polls. But since they are largely concentrated in metropolitan areas in the east, they can accumulate decent votes in the right areas.

    They may see a bonus come through in south Belfast, where I suspect Big Al will struggle to hold on in a competitive race, and the flag issue will not play so predictably well with a large swathe middle class unionist voters.

    As for Celtic, well, I’m not a fan. Really not a fan. Once got caught in the wrong end with them at Easter Road. Pretty chilling experience.

    I made the mistake of wearing a blue scarf that day and then only clapping politely when the team scored each of their three goals.

    Jim McGuinness, I am a fan of. Really a fan of. And I warm to Lennon for having the good sense to appoint him and invest in his club’s future rather than gloat over the fate of the their erstwhile opponents.

    There are some nationalists who could draw important lessons from that.

    But the club, nope. Never, never, never, never.

    • Where do you get this stuff?
      Socialise the vote?. Stress Tested?
      AP will pick up UUP votes and even have a defector tonight.
      But SDLP losing no sleep.

    • Pretty sure that when people spoke of the DUP engaging working class unionists they didn’t mean to stir things up over a piece of cloth and point the finger at the weakest kid in the playground.

      The soon to be homeless Long, went through Nigel Dodds for a shortcut on UTV last night and like her party leader and Mr Dickinson, was not taking his ‘but’ laced wriggling out of responsibility for what happened

  5. No one quite does studied distain quite like you John.

  6. charlie says:

    I think that what the second or third celtic thread in a row where Celtic got a qualified mention…


    It’s almost like trying to prove something.

    As a Villa fan, it’s usually how I begin an address with my London colleagues if I want to mention Celtic, so as to quash the possibility that they may begin a quick calculation in their heads of who it is they are talking to exactly.

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