Kristallnacht (Alliance)

A totally depressing week. Later on, I will be trying to put some nuanced perspective on what I think is happening. But I think the first priority is without any kind of nuance totally condemn the violence, directed at Alliance Party members and the arson at their East Antrim Constituency Office in Carrickfergus…..attempted arson at the North Down Office in Bangor…..the intimidation of East Belfast councillor, Laura McNamee and the particuarly cowardly attack on the home of married councillors, Michael and Christine Bower in Bangor…..particuarly nasty as their young child could have been seriously injured.

The phrase……”genie out of the bottle” has been used. I think that is wrong. There is something about this violence which looks orchestrated. By whom? Now that is a question. But violence is rarely “mindless”. This looks calculated.

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  1. Can’t resist it John: First they came for the Getalongerists… 😉

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