Selective DUP Nastiness

So Jim Wells MLA  is a bit unpleasant (per Sinn Féin, SDLP, Green & Alliance)

On the other hand Jim Wells MLA is not at all unpleasant. (per DUP & UUP). At worst he is a bit “in your face”.

But by 51 votes to 49……along Party lines. …Jim has escaped censure for being a bit forthright with Sinn Féin Minister for Culture Arts & Leisure, Caral Ní Chuilín MLA and her Political Advisor, Mary McArdle.

Jim  is a rather large man. Caral is a rather petite grandmother and I have no idea what Mary McArdle looks like.

Jim is a Godly man, befitting his DUP membership. He has no criminal convictions. On the other hand Caral has served four years in prison for trying to blow up a police station in North Belfast. She got a university degree in prison. Mary served fourteen years in prison for murder. Two men killed a young Catholic woman, Mary Travers, as she left Sunday mass with her father……a judge. Mary (McArdle) was involved.

That of course is all in the Past. Except of course for the family of Mary Travers……including her sister, Anne who is vocal and critical……and indeed outraged that Caral should appoint Mary as a Special Advisor.

Now of course, a number of Sinn Féin MLAs are convicted terrorists but… can be argued….they have bee elected by the voters.

Did Caral have a right to appoint Mary to be her Special advisor? Yes I think she did. Was Caral wise to appoint Mary? No..obviously not. Because the “story” BECAME Mary McArdle (incidently she has been moved sideways to another SF administrative post).

So it fed Sinn Feins critics. And Anne Travers (sister of the murder victim) was too articulate and too tenacious to let it go. Indeed as recently as yesterday she made a very effective witness at the Assembly’s Justice Committee….bringing up this very case.

So Caral (four years in jail) and Mary (fourteen years) are no shrinking violets. Both youthful members of the Irish Republican Army. But Jim is Godly and they ran from his wrath along the Stormont corridors. Some time ago….it must be said.

Sinn Féin called it bullying. And put down a motion to censure him (earlier this week). SDLP, Alliance, Green supported the motion. It seems reasonable that Assembly business…..including the atmosphere in and around its precincts should be respectful.

DUP predictably and UUP (predictably…….dont talk to me about “liberal unionists”) supported Godly Jim. Cos they are Godly also.

Yet ………..over two years ago, I attended an event at Stormont in support of International Workers Day. …….honouring workers killed or injured at work.

The event was presented by DUP Minister, Arlene Foster MLA. She is Godly of course. But there was a speech from Jennifer McCann MLA  (Sinn Féin, West Belfast). Fairly benign speech….people, especially vulnerable workers get hurt and killed at work.

I was maybe 58 years old then. An old man. I remember more than most people. Jennifer McCann served ten years of a twenty year sentence for shooting a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. ……er at work.

Now I do not say this to be antagonistic towards Sinn Féin. Had I lived in West Belfast in 2007 when Jennifer was first elected…I would have voted for her. Let’s get that one out of the way.

I merely point out that Arlene and Jennifer were making speeches on Workers Safety……..and it did not seemingly cross Arlene’s mind that Jennifer had shot a police officer. If it did cross Arlene’s mind ..she didnt mention it to the audience.

So……….at times…… suits the purposes of DUP to overlook Sinn Féins past. At other times such as 51 unionists supporting Jim Wells, it suits DUP not to overlook Sinn Féins past.

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22 Responses to Selective DUP Nastiness

  1. What of Well’s’ flaming because young girls were bagging to raise funds for their GAA club?

    Mind you, what of every single string Wells pulled to have the girls purchase their grounds?

    Is the soon to be health minister who has the strangest attitude to pregnant rape victims sexist?

    • At times he surprises me…….shocks me.
      He plays to the loyalist gallery.
      He was always very ambitious. But he is as well known for one of his hobbies as his politics… being a lapsed interest of my own.
      The nature of any hobby….and hobbyist is that you meet a large cross section of people…….whether it is Football or Cycling or Antiques or whatever.
      And the nature of being nerdy geeks is that we just tend to think of other people as individuals without a big “DUP” sign over their heads.
      Indeed my late father (who was not a pigeon fancier) used to say that “pigeon men” were the most harmless people in Norn Iron.

  2. This whole Mary McArdle business is frankly a load of bs.

    Should she be allowed to be a special advisor? Why yes she should and tbh, I am incredibly surprised that SF crumpled under pressure from Anne Travers et al on this as it has set a horrible precedent. Whilst I’m sorry for her loss her loss is no greater than others who lost their lives at the hands of former RUC officers who received a nice big pay out from Patten and have been re-employed by the ‘PSNI’ or other govt organisations.

    Just because Ed Curran has a hissy fit is no reason to cave in to pressure, it’s usually a sign that you are doing the right thing.

    Why has no one in SF or the SDLP done a Julia Gillard on the DUP and UU and called them out for their rank hypocrisy on some matters? Why no mention of Ulster Resistance? Standing on platforms with Billy Wright et al? Collusion? Out sourcing of some paramilitary activities? Frankly, I’m slightly peeved. This show is also a good reason why SF should not take any sort of lead and wash their dirty linen in public or seek truth and reconciliation, the other party is not willing to tango and show us theirs.

    • factual says:

      SF did not crumble (or cuumple as you say). SF have taken a principled and consistent position throughout.

      The SDLP have been taking every opportunity to exploit this – shame on the SDLP.

  3. BasicNative says:

    That God you have emigrated footballcliches, your bitter whataboutery is depressing. And a cliche.

    • Im sure that everyone realises that in publishing the comment from “BasicNative” it does not mean that I agree with it.
      This is not a discussion board or message board. It is simply a Blog…….which is conducted in a civilised manner and is essentially reflecting my Republican, Socialist and Nationalist views. As the majority of commenters (sic) are like-minded people, I dont expect much confrontation.
      There are many other places were broader political discussions are the norm. And where confrontation might be expected. There are even message boards which claim a degree of respectability while actually encouraging the boorish.
      This isnt one of them.

      • Wow! I have a troll!

        Not a problem FJH, this guy/gal tried to publish something like this on my page on my post which was in fact about my love for all things NYC. I didn’t publish it as it was trolling in the extreme though I do like having a troll/stalker, so be it.

        In answer to his point(?), whataboutery, call it that if you like. I merely like to highlight how people are intellectually inconsistent and dishonest.

        As for my emigrating, I will be back shortly. In the meantime I shall use my postal vote to good effect 🙂

      • I must admit that my biggest worry about you being in Australia was that you wouldnt be voting. The problem with a postal vote is you can only vote once in an Election…….but if you are here, you can vote a lot of times. 😉

      • Neither hell nor high water could stop me from voting FJH 🙂

        I did it from the Caribbean, I will do it from the South Pacific too.
        I’m sure BN had a point but I ignored it. Will email you about this, I am slightly intrigued about who would want to start trolling me, means that my reviews of music, galleries, food and occasionally politics is peeving someone off that they require a sock puppet.

  4. bangordub says:

    FC. I’m Jealous, enough said 🙂

  5. charlie says:

    Haha, reminds me of a time when I was telling an english friend of mine how FST still holds a record turnout of ~93% for an election, meaning that the only people who didn’t vote were infirmed, unexpectedly relocated or cenile. To which my english friend interjected ” or recently deceased presumably?” to which I was delighted to reply “Oh no! The dead vote has a remarkably high turnout around there”

    • I tend to the look on the Dead as a disenfranchised minority….and should be represented.
      As a polling clerk in the 1970s I have seen some strange things including an Orange Band come in to vote. When some were asked their names, they just took out the polling cards and read them…..badly.
      Of course its an old trick….if youre challenged wrongly you have a claim.
      Thus people come in to polling stations deliberately looking “shifty”.
      The Dead Vote generally cancelled each other out but parties tended to look differently on “stealing” votes that should have gone to them.
      Thats totally different.

  6. ardmajell55 says:

    ‘Neither hell nor high water could stop me from voting, FJH’
    footbalcliches. Of course, there has in past been a facility of voting from hell, heaven or purgatory in these parts.

    • Thanks Ardmajell55 (interesting name btw, might I ask the significance behind it?), that demographic has swung many a vote in our favor before and I hope it does in the very near future :). It’s akin to watching a team you hate (Chelski) lose in particularly controversial circumstances, nay, hoping that they lose in controversial circumstances.

      • ardmajell55 says:

        Footballcliches. I started this forum lark on the now defunct BBC talkback board in dec 2008 and it ceased two years ago, and for a username I put my two first names together and lifted a section in the middle. So Gerard Majella. I wasn’t consulted about the saint’s name. Hope that helps.

  7. I am quite reluctant to say all that I fear with regard to Anne Travers but something seems odd. I have zero doubt that things started out sincerely enough but I think things have traveled somewhat since then.

    Why? Well, be it the Dublin 4 media in Martin Mc Guiness’ campaign for the Aras or the TUV or DUP, Mc Travers is happy to let them use her case. Ms Travers knows, as we all do, that her calls for SF to grass up her sister’s killers will never come to anything other than serve those who oppose SF. Yet, we know that there is another source who should be considered more legitimate and who, t is widely suspected, know more than a little of what happened

    • The fact is that we dont know how we would react in these circumstances.
      Actually I think I would know……..I am an articulate and intelligent person and if anything happened to a member of my family, I would be right in the face of the killers and indeed those behind them.
      Ms Travers is intelligent and articulate…..the kind most feared whether by Police, IRA or Norn Iron Office. They are supposed to just “go away”.
      Because deep down none of the Parties to the Conflict want to hear from Victims.
      I would say that Ann Travers influences the Media.
      I would say the Media influences (say) the Jean McConville family.
      And as for “Oor Wullie”…….

  8. Just to play a bit of the NI national sport, DC dropped this link on Slugger but failed to paste a little of the text;

    “The DUP has been challenged to reconcile the appointment of a former loyalist paramilitary as a party officer with its refusal to talk to republicans who have turned away from violence.”

    “In 1993 Gary Blair pleaded guilty at Belfast Crown Court to aiding and abetting in the murder of Sinn Féin election candidate Malachy Carey.

    Mr Carey (36) was shot by the UDA in December 1992 as he walked along a street in Ballymoney, and died a day later in hospital.”

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