Fact And Fiction: Child Abuse

Do you watch the BBC Series “New Tricks” which ended its run last week? One of those “Cold Case” type police procedurals where retired veteran detectives solve old cases.

Oddly last week’s programme centred on a Scottish “childrens home” where the Head procured underage girls for the gratification of local dignatories including a police chief and a Judge.

A case of Art imitating life as there has already been an Inquiry into a Welsh home where seemingly this DID happen. In the light of the Kincora Scandal in Belfast (and British Intelligence is generally believed to have been aware…if not involved) or indeed the “approved school” which is central to the Jimmy savile investigation or the scandal in Jersey……..there looks like a pattern here where orphanages and childrens homes were used to procure children for “VIPs”.

This looks like a scandal which might just go to the heart of the British Establishment.

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8 Responses to Fact And Fiction: Child Abuse

  1. hoboroad says:



    Freddie Starr claims to have met Jimmy Savile only twice. Once at a shop Freddie once owned. Another time backstage after one of Freddie’s shows.

  2. kalista63 says:

    In the furthest recesses of my memory,mi seem to recall a campaign group in the sixties or early seventies that was for the legalisation of such behaviour. Anyone else recall this?

    • I think you might be thinking of the Paedophile Information Exchange which is much later.
      I deliberately did not want to look up any information.
      My recollection is that this was held to be a front for criminal activity.
      The lawyers who represented them………or maybe others………Im very hazy about this…..may have argued that a 17 year old male…..or even 20 year old male was not as much a victim as a 15 year old girl becaus of varying ages of consent.
      Like I say I am very very hazy about it……but occasionally on some sites there is an indication that celebs/activists who have spoken about (as they see it) classical Man/Boy “love” must have indulged.
      You will understand why I cant go further (mostly because I might have totally got it wrong)

  3. kalista63 says:

    I am sure this was older and quite a scandal at the time, of the News and Screws variety. I’ve seen a few of the famous lists doing the rounds on the net? Cameron didn’t handle this too well, IMHO http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GE67Zu9qOBw

    • He handled it badly but Im not totally at ease with “Ambush TV”. On the other hand this is David Cameron and you can imagine the kinda “Thick of It” discussions which would have gone on afterwards.
      I honestly cant recall specifics from the early 1970s….and I remember to this day coming home from Bangor day trip with my parents and watching Peter Woods on BBC reporting on Profumo.
      And also the Jellicoe/Lambton scandals in early 1970s ……..and “call girl Norma Levy”.
      There WAS a scandal in showbiz where a 30 something singer Janie Jones (she had been a BBC resident singer covering hits) was jailed for running a brothel. It was linked to “sex for airplay” but the strange thing was that her sentence was savage.
      The thing that I remember most was (and this is my recollection nearly 40 years on!) was the implication in witness box that another minor pop star in the 1960s was actually a gang leader “I was afraid of him and his boys”.
      The strange thing is that this guy has made very rare appearnaces on TV since them………….although that is common enough….a lot of 1960s singers/show biz types got “lost” in 1970s.
      Yet for best part of 40 years I have filed that away in the “did I really read that somewhere?”
      I have just spent about 20 minutes googling Janie Jones and the singer who I wont name……and yes a lot of people on message boards are recalling the same thing.
      Seems also Janey Jones is ready to talk and we might hear her name and the name of that singer starting to appear more in the public domain as this scandal develops.
      Sorry for being a bit vague but I think its only fair to the guy.

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