Good Old Norn Iron

Those of us who love Nostalgia will have enjoyed the cameo performance by an audience member on the Stephen Nolan-Alan Partridge Show tonight. Beneath all the good news “Our Time, Our Place” narrative, it is good to know that the old values have not been forgotten.

I cannot say for sure if the lady in the audience is related to our old friend Newt Emerson but she certainly seems to share his analysis of SDLP.

To be honest, SDLP should welcome this. It is good to know what we are up against. A few years ago, SDLP would have invited her to address its Annual Conference.

And well done to Conall McDevitt MLA for rising above it.

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3 Responses to Good Old Norn Iron

  1. bangordub says:

    What happened Mr Fitz?

    • Well actually I missed most of it but Mrs FJH called me in to watch. There was a discussion between Conall McDevitt and Jonathan Bell about raising the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 12. Conall being in favour of raising the age.
      A woman in the audience said it was nothing to do with Conall and objected to his accent.
      I think Conall was a bit stunned. Possibly Nolan also but he should have apologised I think.
      On balance it was probably a good thing. We get too much “good news” and this was a reminder of the underbelly of Norn Iron. We rarely see it.
      Supporters of Newt Emerson might place his remarks above this sort of thing. But at heart, it is not much different.
      And actually the fact that SDLP is the target is in itself interesting. They are at least relevant enough to ruffle feathers.

      • Oakleaf says:

        Lol what a tool. On another note my wifes work collegue who is in her late 20s was complaining on Facebook about somebody in Hollyoaks using the word derry and then her charming friend wrote fuk the pope below it. Charming and goes to show nots much changed.

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