Ulster Tittle Tattler

So I am just home from the dentist…….with a tooth in a little envelope so that my grandsons can put it under their pillow at the weekend.

I suppose it will hurt like hell later on today. But so far the worst thing has been reading three editions of the Ulster Tatler in the dentists waiting room.

Sometimes I think I must be the only person in Norn Iron who has not had a photograph at some kinda charity affair or opening of a new hairdressing salon. Although I look surprisingly raffish in tuxedo and (occasionally) kilt……I am not really a social butterfly.

But I noticed that Basil McCrea MLA, “Lord” Rana, Professor Deirdre Heenan and Mark Carruthers were featured more often than Kate Middleton in “OK” magazine.

There is a kinda “overclass” where university professors, local politicians, business people, media people, banking executives and even senior members of PSNI have endless opportunities to mingle and network. And…….worse……..I dont appear to be one of them.

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3 Responses to Ulster Tittle Tattler

  1. bangordub says:

    “And…….worse……..I dont appear to be one of them.”
    Awww, the trials of being a “Semi” anonymous Blogger. I haven’t even been invited to the AGBPU or the “Bloggers ball” as it is sometimes known.
    (AGBPU- have you worked it out?)

  2. bangordub says:

    Very Good!
    Annual General Bloggers P*** Up

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