The Quintin and Parsley Show

Good to see Ian Parsley (current and occasional member of the Alliance Party) praise an article by Quintin Oliver…….the “Agent for Change” who is the top man in Stratagem, the PR guru.

Now have I ever mentioned that Stratagem are influential on a weblog called Slugger O’Toole? Have I ever mentioned that Quintin Oliver is an advisor to those lovable Rowntree people? Have I ever mentioned that Rowntree have put £97,000 into the Alliance Party since 2007…….a Party of which Mr Parsley (a “politician, business man and linguist” according to wikipedia) is currently a member? Have I ever mentioned a Slugger Digital Lunch where the peerless Quintin expresses some surprise that anyone could doubt “innocent money……..chocolate money……….Quaker money”?

Oh……….I have mentioned it before. Sorry.

But youve got to admit that it is slightly comical. What’s Parsley up to? Not much. I personally cant see any circumstances where he will ever be selected to stand for the Alliance Party. Unless he volunteers his services in Mid Ulster in January next year.


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2 Responses to The Quintin and Parsley Show

  1. I saw that in my inbox this morning, I had a little chuckle to myself…

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