(Jimmy) Savile Inquiry

There are many uncomfortable aspects to the allegations surrounding Jimmy Savile which have been emerging in the past 48 hours. The first is that Jimmy Savile is dead and neither he or his alleged victims will get any Justice.

Jimmy Savile was the first person to introduce Top of The Pops…….7.30pm every Thursday night. And for some years TOTP was introduced on a weekly rota with four of the BBCs “Disc Jockeys”. The others were Pete Murray (an unsuccessful actor who had presented the Six Five Special, a late 1950s “pop programme), Alan Freeman who had yet to develop his flamboyant persona and David Jacobs from Juke Box Jury, a BBC”suit” who went on to Come Dancing and Any Questions.

Savile was at that time the cutting edge, coming from the north of England……a former miner, wrestler and dance hall DJ. Back in the day………I was a pop music fanatic. Savile was part of that……..the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Hollies, the Kinks, the Who, Hermans Hermits, the Animals………and it was 1964 after all, I was a first year in a Belfast Grammar School, spending Sunday listening to Savile present Savilles Travels on the Radio……which he presemted from his caravan and listening to Savile on Radio Luxembourg.

You had to be there. Another generation of ex-pirate DJs swarmed into Radio 1 when it started in 1967…….yes I was up at the crack of dawn to listen to Tony Blackburn introduce the first ever record played on Radio 1……….and as anyone who has ever taken part in a Pub Quiz will know it was “Flowers In The Rain” by the Move.

When it became clear that even a Peter Pan figure like Jimmy Savile was no longer credible in terms of “pop music”, he moved into TV presenting, notably “Jim’ll Fix It” where he arranged for youngsters to fulfil some kind of dream.

An eccentric figure ………long white hair, jewelry, gold track suit, cigar………and shameless self publicist, his in your face presenting style was made acceptable because of his charity work. Before dying last year, he had certainly raised tens of millions for good causes, many thru running marathons. Perhaps more impressively he used to work as an unpaid hospital porter in Leeds, his home city and at Broadmoor, a hospital for the criminally insane.

Indeed he was knighted by both the Queen of England and Pope John Paul II. His persona was of a rather ordinary person but he was actually very intelligent and a member of MENSA. The eccentricities were regarded as harmless. He lived with his aged mother (the Duchess) in an ordinary terraced house in Leeds. He was a regular Church-goer and yet boasted of his womanising in later life. A life-long bachelor, I recall that there was some surprise when he became engaged to a much younger blonde singer in a 1970s pop group.

In retrospect his references to “crumpet” (pretty girls) is tacky but in perhaps the most telling commentary on the current controversy……cerebral DJ Paul Gambaccini recalls the time frame in which Jimmy Savile lived and worked. Gambaccini talks of the twenty-five year period before AIDS when attitudes to sexuality changed…..everyone says Gambaccini had their own “thing”. And Savile was one such person. His thing was young girls.

Gambaccini who believes the allegations and talks of his own inability to talk to Savile about it……thru fear of Saviles influence at the BBC has a point.

Even if Belfast was maybe ten to fifteen years behind Swinging London……….as Philip Larkin wrote that “sex began in 1963” and I suppose Gambaccini is right that in that twenty-five years between 1963 and 1988 or thereabouts, there was a lot of sexual freedom…….certainly a more permissive attitude. …in movies, TV, personal behaviour.

There is probably more sex around now than in the 1960s or 1970s but the emphasis is now on empowerment and certainly no couting technique that involves calling a young woman “crumpet” is likely to succeed.

The last twenty years or so, Jimmy Savile was less seen on TV……and was rather a relic of a by-gone age with attitudes to match. His performance in a Louis Theroux documentary showed more of his eccentricity……he still kept his dead mothers clothes, he spoke a little about rumours of his sexual interest in young girls. His image was dented somewhat by that documentary……the eccentricity became slightly sinister.

And this appears to be the case. Allegations, some centred on a  now closed Young Offenders Institute for Girls which he visited regularly have surfaced. The Police investigated and interviewd Savile under caution in 2007. There were no charges.

More tellingly BBC staff have admitted to knowing about the rumours and more tellingly a former producer has said that he knows that Savile shared a room in a seedy hotel with a girl at most 12 years of age. When tackled on this Savile claimed he was too powerful for the BBC. The BBC needed him.

Its a complex story. The eccentricity, the physical fitness and undercurrent of Menace, the charity work (penace perhaps?), sexual attitudes then and now, the BBC attitude…………and tabloid journalism. All will seemingly be revealed on a ITV documentary “The Other Side of Jimmy Savile”.

And……..of course Jimmy Savile died in 2011. There is no Justice for anyone in this story.

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6 Responses to (Jimmy) Savile Inquiry

  1. hoboroad says:

    I wonder how he got past the MI5 vetting?

  2. hoboroad says:

    Of course there were the eleven Christmas holidays Mr Savile spent with Margaret Hilda Thatcher and her charming husband Denis. And his role as mentor to Prince Charles. A big supporter of the state of Israel he was as well.

  3. It’s unbelievable this story, no one comes out looking good and what’s worse, the man is dead and cannot answer for himself and if he did do it, well his alleged victims will not see justice.

  4. Apple Jack says:

    I don’t think the decision not to show the Newsnight investigation into Jimmy Savile was ‘seriously flawed’ at all, it was the right decision. Why anyone in their right mind would think to start an investigation like that so soon after the man’s death and expect it to be shown so soon is beyond me.

    They waited until Jimmy Savile was dead to start the Newsnight investigation cos then he wouldn’t be able to fight back and you can’t libel the dead. Meirion Jones saw some woman’s so called ‘autobiography’ on the net and persuaded her it would make a good story for Newsnight. His aunt worked at the approved school she claims Jimmy Savile abused her at, but he never told his bosses that till well late in the game.

    I saw some of the interview of the woman who wrote this ‘autobiography’ on Panorama and thought she came across as a bit disingenuous, the first lie she was caught out on was saying she was 14 when she first met Jimmy Savile at that school, when she would have in fact been a few weeks shy of 16. Newsnight staff were also unable to trace the ‘victim’ she claims she saw Gary Glitter having sex with and she was unable to provide any information about her other than she ‘went to Duncroft and she was 13’. I also felt the way she spoke about/described the alleged abuse and how she felt about it seemed clichéd and a bit shallow and put on.

    Then there was the claim that a 2007 to 2009 police investigation into Savile (again started by ex-pupils of this school) was dropped because he was too ‘old and infirm’ and that they had all been sent letters from Surrey police informing them of this. When the CPS were contacted and contradicted this claim, saying instead that there had been insufficient evidence to charge, one of the main ring leaders was asked to provide proof of her claims that they’d been informed it had been dropped because he was ‘too old and infirm’ by submitting the ‘letter’ she claimed to have been sent by Surrey police, as her claims contradicted that of the CPS. A fair enough request you’d think…? She never supplied them with the letter however and I can hardly blame them for wondering whether they were being told the truth or not by these women at this point.

    All the original complainants (bar perhaps one, though it seems perfectly likely to me that she too had had some sort of contact with someone who knew about the Surrey police investigation, as I find it rather too implausible that a woman from the same part of the country would just all of a sudden decide to go and report an indecent assault that happened 30+ years ago, totally independent of this, during the exact time the investigation was going on – bearing in mind an INI check that was sent to EVERY police force in the country at the start of this investigation returned ‘NO TRACE OF SIMILAR ALLEGATIONS’ at that point) are known to have either attended or have had links to Duncroft approved school. The school where Meirion Jones’s (the journalist from Newsnight, who started the investigation) estranged aunt was head mistress of at the time Savile was there. It was also thought, even by the Newsnight team, that most of them, or perhaps all of them, had been in contact with each other on Friends Reunited and other social networking sites in the years leading up to this (and perhaps even the 2007 to 2009 Surrey police investigation), not to mention the woman who now has a few books out on sale on Amazon, including one about this (this must be great publicity for it, who’d ever heard of her before now? Sales must have increased no end…), was, from about 2010 onwards, writing all about this on a site called ‘FanStory’ using the initials ‘JS’, ‘FS’ and ‘G’ to represent ‘Jimmy Savile’, ‘Freddie Starr’ and ‘Gary Glitter’ (it certainly makes the story a bit more interesting if you throw in a bit of scandal about a few celebrities doesn’t it?). Apart from the fact anyone could have seen this and got ideas, it was the discovery of this blog that prompted Meirion Jones to contact the woman about doing the Newsnight story. How do we know if most of what’s in that story is true? (I seriously hope the police look into it, but they probably won’t as their apparently not actually investigating any allegations against Savile because he’s dead).

    I really don’t blame any of the Newsnight staff for having concerns about showing this piece. Apart from the fact that they only had the testimony of these women (who Meirion himself said in an e-mail to Mark Williams-Thomas on 22 November 2011 that “while ‘most’ were intelligent, ‘most’ were also ’emotionally damaged’ with a ‘criminal background’ as well as being ‘suspicious… extremely manipulative [and] difficult to deal with”) with virtually no other evidence to help support most of their claims (not one of them could even provide Newsnight with a copy the ‘letter’ many of them claimed to have been sent by Surrey police that would have not only supported their claim that the 2007 to 2009 police investigation into Savile had been dropped because he was ‘too old and infirm’, but also helped restore some faith in their honesty by adding credence to their version over that of the CPS, who had by now contradicted their claim), Jimmy Savile’s body had barely turned cold!! Are Newsnight expected to dance all over a recently deceased man’s grave and show zero respect for any of his family and loved ones off the back of stories from ‘suspicious… extremely manipulative’ women with a ‘criminal background’, who’d already been shown to be dishonest as well as having been in contact (colluding) with each other on various social networking sites for years leading up to this, that are uncorroborated by any evidence other than a few Clunk Click videos that may show that some of them were there, and when they were there, but other than that show absolutely bu**er all in the way of proof that any of them were molested?

    It’s also worth mentioning that the woman who was asked to provide a copy of the letter she claimed to have from Surrey police saying the 2007 to 2009 investigation into Savile was dropped because he was ‘too old and infirm’, but didn’t (nor did any of the others), did eventually hand such a letter over to the Daily Mail in October this year claiming (according to the Mail) that it had been sent to her in 2007!?! FOUR YEARS before Newsnight or the BBC got involved with this story!!! The letter was confirmed by Surrey police to have been a FAKE. I have no doubt that this woman herself is responsible for the letter, either faking it herself or getting someone else to do it for her (more evidence of her dishonesty).

    One of Newsnight’s deputy editors, Liz Gibbons, said she wouldn’t have gone near the story and was very supportive of the decision to drop it ‘on grounds of taste’, the programme was put on the BBC’s ‘Managed Risk Programme list’ (MRPL) because the grounds for risk were thought (and said) to be ‘legal/taste’. Well you don’t say…? Showing a programme about a man who’d died so recently rigamortis probably hadn’t set in yet based on nothing more than the word of a bunch of ‘suspicious… extremely manipulative’ fraudsters with ‘criminal’ backgrounds who’ve probably all been in contact for years and at least one of whom could no doubt benefit greatly from the publicity for the new book she was due to release on the subject…? To say that would have been in bad ‘taste’ would have been an understatement. To show that programme so soon after Jimmy Savile’s death based on no evidence whatsoever ever, save the word of a bunch con artists, would have been EXTREMELY STUPID, and that would have been the sort of action that SHOULD result in ‘damage to BBC reputation’.

    I can’t help but wonder what planet the likes of Meirion Jones and his ilk are living on…? It seems to me that Peter Rippon and Liz Gibbons were among the very few people involved in this with any common sense at all AND IT’S THEM THAT HAVE LOST THEIR JOBS OVER THIS!?! The world is mad.

    Anyone prepared to indulge this, when the dishonesty of most of them is already apparent, without checking the facts and not having the guts or common sense to question or look into their stories and be honest enough to admit when they don’t add up or that the evidence contradicts their claims will deserve everything they get when they eventually end up with egg on their face…

  5. Apple Jack says:

    I really wish the police were allowed to look into this and find out the truth, but they’re not because he’s dead.

    I’m sorry but Jimmy Savile could do sweet bu**er all about the investigation into him between 2007 and 2009 (again started by ex-pupils from Duncroft approved school). Twenty-two pupils from the same year of the original complainant were traced and questioned and this yielded one complaint (the original complaint) of someone witnessing an indecent assault at Duncroft approved school in the late 1970’s, one of inappropriate sexual language used at the school during this time, one from a sister of an ex Duncroft pupil complaining that he had forced a kiss on her and put his tongue in her mouth at a concert at Stoke Mandeville hospital when she was 14 in 1973 (an indication that word of the investigation had got around or it would have been rather too much of a coincidence after all this time, wouldn’t it?) and finally a further allegation was made to a separate police force in 2008 about an indecent assault by Jimmy Savile on an adult stemming back decades (another indication that word of the investigation had got around, again, it would be rather implausible that this was a mere coincidence, after 30+ years that a woman from the same part of the country all of a sudden decided to contact the police about this incident completely independent of these other women and knowing nothing about the police investigation that was already going on, wouldn’t it…?). The police force conducted an INI (Impact Nominal Index) check and the two forces liaised. Prior to this, at the start of the original enquiry in 2007, Surrey police did an INI check (a system designed to share intelligence between forces), a request was sent to EVERY force in the country to check their records for information relating to Jimmy Savile and it returned ‘NO TRACE OF SIMILAR ALLEGATIONS’. NONE OF THESE COMPLAINANTS WERE WILLING TO SUPPORT A CRIMINAL PROSECUTION (OR EVEN A PROPER INVESTIGATION). Investigating officers did meet with representatives from Barnardo’s, who managed Duncroft during the period the complaints were from, who stated they had had no reports to staff of any sexual incidents by staff or visitors. Jimmy Savile was interviewed under caution at Stoke Mandeville hospital in 2009 and the case was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service who (surprise surprise) advised that there was ‘insufficient evidence to charge’. It had sweet f a do with a ‘cover up’ or Jimmy Savile having ‘too much power’ or ‘friends in high places’ (clearly the likes of Michael Jackson, Johnathan King and Gary Glitter never had this luxury and you’d have thought someone like Michael Jackson would have more friends in high places and have far more clout than Jimmy Savile). The case was dropped, after a two year police investigation were the police went to a lot of effort to trace potential witnesses (tracing these twenty-two women took a whole year), because the CPS considered that there was ‘insufficient evidence to charge’ and none of the complainants were willing to support a criminal prosecution or even a proper investigation.

    It was believed, even by the staff on Newsnight, that many ex Duncroft pupils have been in contact on groups such as Friends Reunited and Care leavers Reunited for many years and many are and were in contact on social networking sights such as Facebook. Where were the complaints about Jimmy Savile taking girls out in his car and getting sexual favours from them in exchange for trips to sit in the audience at Clunk Click back in 2007, 2008, and 2009? It wasn’t just pupils from Duncroft that were taken to sit in the audience at Clunk Click either, patients from Broadmoor and other institutions were also taken to sit in the studio audience, have they made similar allegations that they were asked for sexual favours in return for this privilege? I’ve not heard anything (I know there has been one complaint from Broadmoor but that relates to a different time period, has nothing to do with the trips to Clunk Click or any other outing offered by Jimmy Savile and came out after the ITV ‘documentary’ and huge media frenzy so I personally don’t consider it particularly reliable).

    Bar the first and last allegations made between 2007 and 2009 the accusations the police managed to yield during their extensive and commendable mission were pretty trivial, especially if you consider (if they happened like that or even happened at all) that they were complaints from 30+ years ago (I don’t know a woman over 50 that doesn’t have a story like the one of the girl being kissed unwillingly or the one of ‘inappropriate sexual language’ – i‘d be surprised if there was a soul on earth who doesn’t have a story a bit like the latter). Where was this Fiona and Karin Ward with those complaints back then (or ever…?), until 2010 when Karin Ward started writing a blog on a site called ‘FanStory’ about the hideous abuse she claims to have suffered as a youngster that explains all the problems she’s had and mistakes she’s ever made and exonerates her from them?
    When did she first start discussing this ‘abuse’ by Jimmy Savile, Freddie Starr and Gary Glitter with friends, family, acquaintances or even a councillor or psychologist (if she did that it should be on record)…? Important questions…

    Her book which details the ‘abuse’ she claims to have suffered and witnessed at the hands of Jimmy Savile, Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter (and god knows who else) is available in paperback on Amazon for £12.71, along with a few others by the author, and you can expect a sequel in March 2013!!! 😉 😛


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