David Cameron has issued an apology to the relatives of the ninety-six Liverpool football fans who died in the Hillsborough (Sheffield) Stadium Disaster in 1989.

The apology is in relation to the original Report which seemed to “blame” the football fans and exonerate the Football Association, Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and the Sheffield police and emergency services.

There seems a strange parallel between David Camerons apology to the Liverpool fans and his apology two years ago to the relatives of the fourteen people killed on Bloody Sunday 1972.

There is a pattern here. In 1972 and in 1989, British Governments set up enquiries to establish facts of two major tragedies. Widgery exonerated the British Paratroopers. Taylor exonerated the South Yorkshire Police and others.

Thanks to the persistence of relatives…..new and costly enquiries were set up…….and the appalling vista (thank you Lord Denning) is that the victims were routinely lied about and evidence tampered.

British Governments..probably all governments do not set enquiries to find the Truth. They set up enquiries to HIDE the Truth. Nobody will ever be held accountable for Bloody Sunday or Hillsborough. Which makes the appearance of “Lord” Charlie Falconer QC on the top table with the Hillsborough relatives hard to understand. Wasnt he a member of Tony B Liar’s Cabinet when the Hutton Enquiry into the dodgy dossier on Iraq was set up (2003)? Didnt that Enquiry exonerate the Government of fabricating weapons of mass destruction?

In twenty or thirty years a new Enquiry will find that Hutton was a travesty. And once again the British State will congratulate itself on getting Justice for the families of those bereaved thru illegal wars. Of course by then Tony B Liar will be a frail old man…..and a rich old man…..and will never be held accountable.

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2 Responses to Hillsborough

  1. oakleaf says:

    The Stardust in Dublin should never be forgotten as well. The coverup is still going on.

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