Katie Taylor

No words are really necessary.

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15 Responses to Katie Taylor

  1. Stunning!

    One fight down, three more tomorrow FJH. Boxing is on a massive high at the moment and deservedly so, they have put in the the hard hours and they are reaping the benefits of their labour.

  2. Mark. says:

    I heard someone on RTE say this was the young kids Italia 90 . But it was so much more than that . Katie Taylor is a four time World Champion and now an Olympic legend . Oscar de la Hoya ( not a bad boxer himself ) World Title Holder at 6 different weights and now president of Goldenboy Promotions in the states called Taylor amazing after her fight . No doubt he’ll be putting a pitch to Katie but he’ll have to take a ticket . She’s a promotor’s dream …..the face of an angel and the hands of a demon .

  3. sammymcnally says:

    I’m going to do a Roy Keane here and break ranks here and say I think it is a somewhat disappointing games overall for Ireland – the boxing, with no funding is fantastic but that should not mask a poor overall performance.

    Having looked at the odds for the boxing it does look like 3 bronze but I think if one does get to a final it will be John Joe unless one of the 2 Belfast quarefellahs lands a haymaker.

  4. bangordub says:

    Katie just won Gold!!!!
    You in the Pub with Pete B?

  5. sammymcnally says:

    Naw, its just meself and Roy.

    He just told me – we need to be bit harder on ourselves.

  6. 5 medals is our best haul since Melbourne lads, bit of perspective I think chaps!

  7. sammymcnally says:


    I think the perspective we need is not with our past but more with other more succesful countries e.g. Denmark

    …Roy is nodding in agreement.

  8. Did anyone else catch David Rudisha and what can only be described as one the single greatest middle distance races of all time this evening?

    It would seem that his mentor is a Cork man? My advice to Team Ireland, get Br. O’Connell at any cost for our distance running team!


  9. sammymcnally says:

    yes heard him described on the BBC as a priest – sounds like shuold be made an offer.

  10. James says:

    Wonderful day for Irish sport, the country needed that after the Euros disappointment.

    Glad to see Slugger’s finest taking an interest also, all beit a begrudging unavoidable one.

  11. sammymcnally says:


    to be fair, there has been begrudgery on both sides, this has been a fantastic games for the Normans – the Welsh girl (possibly the performance of the games) and the girl black girl from up North were also both excellent yesterday.

    I think the Normans have been easily the best games of the large industrial countries (say over 30 million population) but perhaps the stand out performers are Hungary – they only have twice our population and have done really well in a variety of sports.

    Alternative medal tables could see the medals stolen from us by the Normans(the Coleriane three) added into ‘Real Team Ireland’ or from a Unionist perspective ‘Team (Political) Ulster’ have more medals (5 ) than ‘Eire’ (3). ObviousIy I prefer ‘Real Team Ireland ‘.

    …. a Eurozone table would see ‘us’ challening for top spot in the medals table – if we added in my friends in Hungary(who apsire to join the Euro) and knock the Normans (another example of begrudgery) down a place in the table.

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