Sham Fight ……..Sham Reconciliation

On Friday 13th……..the annual “Royal Black Perceptory” marches in Scarva, County Down. Our TV News will of course show the highlight of the day….The Sham Fight. I suspect that as in every other year, King William will defeat King James.

But thats part of Norn Iron…..the “Sham Fight” at Scarva. It is just one day in a year of course. But really is it any worse that 365 days of Sham Reconciliation.

As can be seen on TV News tonight, we have the annual squabble about the Ardoyne Parade. The Orangemen from North Belfast have been told by the Parades Commission that they have to make their return journey past the flashpoint Ardoyne shops before 4pm. This is hilariously the thin end of a wedge. They will have to be home before the celebrations at the Twelfth “field” in South Belfast has actually ended.

Brilliant Stuff!. It is of course entirely unreasonable. And I would actually feel sorry for Orangemen if it was not for the fac that their organisation is so repulsive.

But this is the Real “Northern Ireland”. Do not get fooled by the Titanic Experience. Do not be fooled by MTV Awards. Do not be fooled by the Irish Open Golf in Portrush. Do not be fooled by Peter Robinson attending a GAA match in Armagh. Do not be fooled by Martin McGuinness shaking hands with Elizabeth Windsor. Do not be fooled by a clipper boat called “Derry-Londonderry”.

Do not be fooled by smiling TV journalists peddling the latest Good News Story from Stormont.

For it is all a massive con trick. “Northern Ireland 2012……..Our Place. Our Time” is the latest slogan and it is all complete bollox.

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