So……Martin McGuinness

I kinda feel sorry for Martin McGuinness. If he had refused to meet Mrs Windsor, he would have been criticised by unionists and lets get alongerists. If he had agreed to meet her, then the same people would have gloated.

Now Martin McGuinness is right up there with Jomo Kenyatta and Archbishop Makarios. Former “terrorists” who met Mrs Windsor.

No big deal. I suspect that most former IRA types who would object to this are already defected to the dissidents. The reaction of mainstream nationalists/republicans will be interesting.

For the record, I wouldnt want to meet Mrs Windsor but I am not a public figure or representative. Just how far Sinn Féin can move away from its traditional support and indeed the “floating voters” will be interesting. Where exactly do those floating voters go?

If a SDLP person was Deputy First Minister… is more than likely that he/she would have met Mrs Windsor. It would be expected. It would even have been right and decent. But an uncomfortable thing for me to watch.

And of course Sinn Féin would have criticised SDLP as “traitors”

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1 Response to So……Martin McGuinness

  1. sammymcnally says:

    Given that the Queen paid her respects in the garden of remembemrance to McGuinness’s fellow combatants it is the right call.

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