Olympic Update

At the moment, Ireland’s Olympic team has 53 people. There are actually 54 qualifiers but four qualified in the Womens Marathon and only three can go to London. Maria McCambridge is the unlucky lady. Gladys Ganiel-O’Neill who, at the moment has a “B” standard time in the Marathon will not be considered.

The current breakdown is Athletics 17, Swimming 4, Cycling 4, Equestrian 5, Boxing 6, Judo 1, Gymnastics 1, Triathlon 1, Sailing 8, Canoeing 3, Rowing 1, Badminton 1, Shooting 1.

The latest qualifier is Sanita Puspure (Rowing).

The next month which will include the European Championships will be intense for Track and Field athletes. Its likely that some more will make the “A” standard. Realistically an Open Water swimmer Chris Bryan might qualify thru the final event to be held in Portugal in June. There is hope that a Dressage rider and possibly two Eventing riders being promoted from the reserve list, if (as expected) some qualified riders are not sent.

There is likely also to be an invitation for boxer Joe Ward who is the highest ranked non-qualifier in his division. Gavin Noble is almost certain to finish in the list of qualified Triathletes, joining Aileen Morrison who is already qualified. Scott Evans (Badminton) might also receive a late entry to London.

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