Moderating The Moderators

I received an email earlier asking me if I had seen a rather unpleasant comment about me on another blogging site. I hadnt. And when I did look at it, I did not think it was THAT bad. Certainly rude. Mostly irrelevant. But not that bad. I never complain about remarks made about me.

In my view, nice people are nice people because it is how they were brought up. They cant help being “nice”. Nasty people cant help being nasty. Its how they were brought up.

Notwithstanding my own uncomplaining attitude, it is a constant source of amusement that some websites (not necessarily the one to which I have referred) pride themselves on being intolerant about rudeness. They protest too much. Having established a reputation (not always deserved) for good manners, they then proceed to be extremely rude about people they dont like……and tolerate rudeness if it is directed at the people the website does not like.

It is a variation on the theme that if you establish a reputation for getting up early, you can lie in bed all day. Alas some websites attitude to “rudeness” is the same. They have established their credentials for good manners and can therefore cheerfully ignore their own “rules”.

There is ….a hierarchy in these things. Favourite commenters will not be “pulled” about their lack of manners. A person not highly thought of by the website will of course be subject to some exaggerated moderation.

Like I say… harm done. It is not as if I value other peoples opinions of me. And not as if I would ever want to change my ways.

But on the day of the Auld Firm Derby, I am reminded of the words of Charlie Nicholas. A former Celtic player, he was acutely aware of favouritism towards Rangers by the authorities. When he played for Aberdeen, he formed the opinion that there was a hierarchy with Rangers at the top, Celtic second and the rest of the Scottish teams treated equally badly.

I fear Charlie Nicholas is right. Ceratinly the experience in the English Premiership…without the toxic sectarianism in Scotland….proves the point that the “big clubs” get more breaks than smaller clubs. I say this as a Manchester United fan, knowing that we got the breaks against Fulham for example.

Thats how football moderation works. And I am sure many people feel the same about website moderation.

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2 Responses to Moderating The Moderators

  1. Mick Fealty says:

    Can’t ‘pull’ a comment if you don’t say what it is Fitzy?

    • Indeed. And there ya go with that “Fitzy” thing again.
      But can I draw your attention to the fact that I dont complain about anything said?
      Can I draw your attention to the fact that I didnt think it was particuarly bad ?
      Can I draw your attention to the fact that the comment may not necessarily have been on your Blog?

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