Olympic Update

Some more qualifiers for the London Olympics:

Boxing: Paddy Barnes (Belfast), Adam Nolan (Wexford)

Athletics: Caitriona Jennings (Marathon) is the fourth woman qualified but a maximum of three will be selected.

Judo: Lisa Kearney (Belfast)

Cycling: Martyn Irvine (Newtownards)

Badminton: Chloe Magee (Raphoe)

Triathlon: Aileen Morrison (Derry).

Also looking good for Modern Pentathlete Natalya Coyle (Kildare).


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2 Responses to Olympic Update

  1. Who are the best chances for an Irish medal ?

    • Boxing….I have a soft spot for the boxers. Theres five qualified and at least one should make it thru. And this year there is Womens Boxing for the first time but only in three weights. Katie Taylor is world champion and the qualications are next month. Only three Europeans get thru. So thats hard. But if she gets to London she should get a medal.
      Theres always a chance in Show Jumping (the two riders are not officially selected yet but both are in the World Top 10) which gives them a chance. Three go in Eventing and there might be five which would gives us a shout at the Team Event (but only if five go).
      Cycling…three go in the Road Race and thats a lottery…anything could happen.
      I cant see anything happening in Athletics except Mens Walk. Outside chance in Womens Walk.

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