Fr Brian D’arcy

Perhaps Ireland’s most popular priest.

And in my eyes the model for the “Father Trendy” character invented by the late Dermot Morgan. Much is made today of the fact that following an article he wrote…he has now having to submit new articles to be censored by the “Vatican”.

Commentators are missing the point. The “offending” article was written over a year ago and was on the topic of a married priesthood. So the real story here is that ….the censorship is now in the public domain. Fr D’arcy is a leading “liberal”in the Irish Catholic Church and a member of the Association of Irish Priests……who have become more emboldened recently. It has to be seen in that context.

Somebody is media savvy enough to get the story out. Which will make Brian’s next column worth reading. His readership will know that the column has been “approved” (in itself a message from Brian) OR Brian will announce that he refuses to be censored any longer…..emboldened by messages of support he has received.

The liberals in the Church are playing a clever game……they are (I think rightly in tactical terms) portraying this as a struggle between Irish and Foreigners, a popular message in itself…..and one with which many senior “official” Irish Churchmen will  find no fault.

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