Clutching At (Jack) Straws

About a year ago one of the British Satellite Channels (More 4) showed a comedy entitled “The Trial of Tony Blair” with Robert Lindsay in the title role.

It was of course a comedy…a satire…but Tony B Liar is now a totally discredited politician. Held in contempt by everyone except his closest apologists.

But is Life imitating Art. Is the latest revelations about MI6 and questions about Jack Straw’s role in the rendition of a Libyan Islamist from Thailand via Diego Garcia to a torture cell in Gaddafis Libya…..just two weeks before B Liar visited the Libyan Leader….is this all the beginning of the end which will see B Liar and his cronies in a courtroom in the Hague to answer charges of war crimes?

I doubt it.

But it does put an ethical foreign policy in doubt. Sadly the legacy of “New” Labour was the abandonment of the working class to curry favour with Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre…..and middle England. It was actually more than that. It was the delivery of a terrorist suspect into Gaddafis hands.

Of course the Conservatives are hardly any better. They abandon Gaddafi and install a militant Islamist government on the shores of the Mediterranean. A Government which includes the “terrorist” MI6 delivered to Gaddafi.

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