The Titanic Experience

Yesterday I went along to the Titanic Exhibition Centre. Crowds surprisingly thin. Interesting “moat” around the building, which gives the impression that the building is “on water”. Not sure if this is a good idea as on a very frosty morning , an iceberg might form and sin the Titanic Experience.


The Titanic in 1912 was a monument to corporate greed, the domination of the City of Belfast by an elite group of industrialists. The Titanic Experience in 2012 is also a monument to corporate greed and a new elitism. There is a new view of Belfast..the MTV Awards Belfast, which is supposed to be new and wonderful and those of us who dare to say that this merely covers up the problems in the City are looked on as party-poopers.

It is my default position, not to be impressed by anything “new” in Belfast, especially the Titanic Quarter and the Cathedral Quarter. By the way does anybody know how many Quarters we actually have? I suppose “four” is the answer but it seems there is about a hundred. I therefore set out yesterday to be unimpressed and I am grateful that nothing impressed me. From what I could see, ticket holders went thru one door and went up an escalator.

Those of us without tickets had access to the Graound Floor, cafeteria and bookshop. Surprisingly perhaps there was no ATM machine.

I quite like the idea that children can experience what it was like to be a shipyard worker, working on the Titanic before 1912. Perhaps Catholic children could experience what it was like to be a Catholic shipyard worker in those years……..with interactive rivets, bricks, nuts (Belfast Shipyard Confetti) raining down on them. Maybe not the image. Phoney History is better than Real History.

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1 Response to The Titanic Experience

  1. James says:

    Nice post I have long argued what a monumental waste of taxpayers money this project is. Its been 100 years since the titanic and I doubt there was as much hype about it back then as much there is now. As you say a monument to corporate greed (one of the most famous flaws being not enough life boats) and yet this boat and it’s fat cat owners are celebrated in the new Belfast. Any other city in the world would surely judge the titanic as a historical embarrassment. There are far more important events that helped shape Ireland as a nation (or two depending on your perspective) that will get no where near the time and money the titanic experience. A lot to do with politics and would be uncomfortable for the artists painting the new Belfast…civil rights and for that matter the ulster covenant I think are much closer the hearts and minds of the people in this part of the world than the titantic. But then the titantic experience is not for the people of Belfast, NI or Ireland its for anyone who was sold on the romance of a tragic event. Particularly like your comment about catholic…phoney history is not history.0

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