Trayvon Martin RIP

One of the hardest things for Europeans to understand about United States is the Gun Culture…the right to bear arms….the National Rifle Association and all that.

I thought that United States had changed. I am old enough to barely remember politicians and police from the “Deep South” stand in the entrances of coleges to prevent black students going inside. I am old enough to have watched “Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner” and “In The Heat of The Night” in the cinema. And old enough to watch “Ironside” on TV in 1967 and be amazed that there was a back member of the cast.

And I have seen Sidney Potier , Eddie Murphy and Will Smith become stars of the silver screen. And Mohammed Ali and Michael Jordan become sports stars. I have seen Rodney King beaten up and Michael Jackson acquitted. And I have seen President Obama in the White House.

The story of Trayvon Martin is so sad that it almost hurts to watch the TV News.

A 17 year old black guy in a “gated community” was deemed to be “suspicious”, maybe “on drugs”. In the opinion of George Zimmermann, “Captain” of the Neighbourhood Watch. Advised to avoid confrontation Zimmermann shot dead Mr Taylor. He has not been charged with any crime. Florida has a “stand your ground” law. Zimmermann is deemed to be within his rights.

Thanks to social network sites such as Facebook, this local story has become a major American issue. Indeed the eyes of the world are on the United States. The local police chief has resigned. President Obama has spoken on the issue. Black ……..AND White people have stood up and said that this is a grave miscarriage of Justice.

The very least that Trayvon Martin deserves is that the facts be heard in open court. He has been denied Justice. I want to see George Zimmermann receive the Justice denied to Trayvon Taylor. He should be investigated……if necessary charged……if necessary convicted or acquitted.

I urge people to sign the petition in support of Trayvon Taylor’s family.

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