Titanic 1912-1912….er 2012

OK….lets get this straight. A big ship “Titanic” was built in Belfast. It sank on its maiden voyage in 1912. It was a tragic loss of life (1,512 people died). In my youth, I knew people who claimed to have worked on it.

But frankly nobody in Belfast ever mentioned it. Then along comes a movie with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslett and we claim the ship as a great icon of our city.

We have Tshirts “Titanic…….built in Belfast……it was ok when it left here” and this year we must celebrate its centenary. We even have a Titanic Quarter built on the site of the old shipyards. And we have got a great big bilding which will be “the worlds largest Titanic Experience”. This is the booking office in Cornmarket, Belfast.

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  1. Annie Darner says:

    Gavin has been learning about The Titanic this year due to the 100 year anniversary. I will have to share with him that it was built in Belfast, and a friend of mine knew people who worked on it.

    • One was my Uncle Robbie who would have died about 1964/65. But of course theres nobody living now who would have even seen the ship. Until just a few years ago there was a man over 100, who was regularly on our local TV News as a boy he had seen it launched.
      It is quite common now to hear people say on TV whatever “my father/grandfather worked on The Titanic” but I suppose theres a certain amount of “licence” in that.
      Certainly its a source of pride in East Belfast. The workforce was largely Protestant (the ship yards were a cold house for Catholics/nationalists and I think as a means of rediscovering some pride (the shipyards are long closed and theres no traditional employment left) there are strret murals depicting the Titanic. I might post some later on. I took them when our friends from Texas visited us two years ago.

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