The Leveson Inquiry…Witnesses Week 5 (Monday)

Stuart Hoare, brother of Sean Hoare (the whistle-blower who told about the dark arts at “The News Of The World”) who died of an overdose some months ago. The brothers often talked about phone hacking.

James Hanning, Deputy Editor of “The Independent” also gave evidence. He had planned writing a book with Sean Hoare, who had actually turned down money for telling his story. The Public Interest is discussed…celebrities living a lie must expect scrutiny. There are three issues…blagging, phone hacking and payments to people in public office.

Matthew Driscoll is a former News Of The World sports journalist who received a payment of £800,000, compensation for bullying and discrimination (he is disabled) from the newspaper. Mr Driscoll was aware of phone hacking in news and features stories but questions their value in sports reporting, much of which is “face to face”. Driscoll suffered Depression after internal disciplinary procedures. He contrasts the way he was treated with the treatment of Neville Thurlbeck.

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