US Presidential Election 2012…Fux News, Conservatives And Insanity

The default position of 95% of Europeans including myself is that American Republicans are insane….we simply dont speak the same political language. But Obama has disappointed most Europeans and a considerable number of his own American supporters so how is it that on his approval ratings of 40%, he is heading for an easy victory. The answer is ……his opponent. Whoever it is……will be beaten. Because he/she will be handpicked by Fux News.. All the problems in the GOP can be laid at the door of BillO’Reilly,Shaun Hannity,Glen Beck,Ann Coulter,Neil Cavuto. It is that simple.

Its not just me who says it. Or David Frum. Dick Morris a Fux contributor said it…..on Fux News. “You dont need to win in Iowa….you need to win on Fux”, a rebuke from a Fux contributor to his own employer. Morris….like Frum is a political professional ….or as his co-pundits on Fux might say sneeringly……a political “insider”. Even Herman Cain was popular on Fux. He had no political experience. That actually was deemed a “plus”. Fux sneers at any form of “compromise” and “compromise” is what successful American politics is about. Fux viewers and Tea Party activists dont do “compromise”. Fux will endorse a true believer……a conservative on issues a real politician would consider off the wall or avoid as being things a pragmatic politician would avoid…….stem cell research, abortion, school prayer, mosques within a thousand miles of Ground Zero, gun control, same sex “marriages”. Not to mention real political issues like health care. Would a serious Republican politician actually want that hassle?. John McCain was not a true believer. But people like Huckabee, Gingrich are or….pander enough to be one. A Republican candidate has no room to make policy ….with O’Reilly and the rest watching for deviation. Frum has said as much……the Party tried to harness the power of Fux News and it has backfired . As Frum would say “The Republican Party thought that Fux News worked for it…….actually its the Republican Party that is in the grasp of Fux News”. Or as we say here…if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

The irony of course is that no candidate endorsed by Fux News can win the Presidency. In Europe we might regard American conservatives as insane but luckily most Americans are as sane as I am. Hmmm. Or more sane.

It is entirely counter-productive. On the other hand Fux can probably influence races for the Senate and the House. And thus gridlock is guaranteed. But without Fux News………the Republicans could actually defeat Obama. He is not as brilliant as we thought in Europe.

Mitt Romney remains a voice of reason. The only person who can beat Obama but……..will Fux actually endorse him? I doubt it…………..and I think the prime reason is that Romney is a Mormon. As “unAmerican” as Kennedy’s Catholicism half a century ago. For the stereotype persists that Mormons are not quite like the rest of Americans. “They believe in polygamy” is the whispered charge…..but Romney is a blameless once married man. Unlike Huckabee. Unlike McCain. Unlike Cain. Unlike Gingrich. But Fux will continue along the lines of being Rich People endorsing other Rich People to encourage Middle Class People to blame eveything on Poor People.

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